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Message for Mangan Church on 21st November 2021.

 Revelation 3 vs 14 and 15- 14  “To the angel of the church in Laodicea   write: 'These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation.   15  I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!   16  So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.' Laodacia apparenlty had two sources of water.
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Her Confusion...

              One morning the old lady who is a destitute of sort and works half a day in our house entered our premises grumbling .She had had her second covidvaccination and had received her certificate but ofcourse she would not express her confusion to the team doing the vaccination, With the certificate in hand she walked down the hill ,into the gate and expressed her discontent to my mother. She could not understand how the office who had issued the certificate had given her a certificate with some other man's photograph in it. My mother who was clearly busy with the process of making lunch asked one of the girls to attend to her complaint.She came back smiling from ear to ear. It was Mr Modi's photograph in the certificate.She had a time explaining to the old lady how it worked.

'The Master's piece'.A post from the yore...ten years back-drafted not posted.

The rythem of the art Dancing to the rythem of the heart, In serenpidity, The world has a name for it- They call it the master-piece. I call it the Master’s piece- Chanced upon by senses Tuned to the rythem…… The beauty,edification and the very lilt.. Paying tribute to the Maestro From whom all of creation flows.


                                                      Tokchi  phurnun Yeshu rum ka                Kususa sum long nun                           Don lyang ,  dendri lyang  hodo lyang Manintho asar lyang-2 Gojunbu zen bu kyong bu Sah tean ka ado sa acheyrey Layo lasong num yah non bo Muro ka ado sa acheyrey. Tokchi  phurnun Yeshu rum ka                Kususa sum long nun                           Don lyang ,  dendri lyang  hodo lyang Manintho asar lyang-2 Layo na maat ba faatnon boo Tha bo adu s akum dun long Punjong sayou ka bhram Boo non boo jong ado sa Kum dun loam Tokchi  phurnun Yeshu rum ka                Kususa sum long nun                           Don lyang ,  dendri lyang  hodo lyang Manintho asar lyang-2 Kasue sa dokbu jong Kayue sa dokbu ho nula Do ado amek ka Penjang sa akue loam lan Kursong nuh la do ho kayu deb deb ka . Tokchi  phurnun Yeshu rum ka                Kususa sum long nun                           Don lyang ,  dendri lyang  hodo lyang

Afghanistan...our children are praying for you.

Praying for Afghanistan is one thing but knowing what to pray for is entirely another thing.In this world where nothing seems to be what it should be and everything is perceived through the coloured lens of the rich ,the powerful  and sometimes twisted,one can only groan with the spirit and ask the Lord to lead us to make the prayers after His own heart.Having said that ,we need to pray for believers in Afghanistan. Whilst in our family prayer ,where the children have been learning from the gospel of John and has just finished the discourse between the samaritan woman and Lord Jesus some weeks back and Lord Jesus talks about the times when ' true believers will worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.'....yesterday while praying my sister was deeply burdened  to pray for Afghanistan.I just realised how cold my heart had become and yet how compassionate and kind the Spirit of the Lord was.he is able to get through the boundaries,distances,walls borders,jails,to unction and lead

Getting on my feet.

I am getting a hang of my violen ,not only did I realise I wasn't rosening my violen enough ,I was also trying too hard .As the sound started coming I am slowly flowing with the ebb and flow and getting the hang of the instrument.One knows when one is getting it and I did ,this afternoon.I have folded it for the day. As a way of conversation I told my sister where I am at with the instrument and she volunteered an information,'Isn't violen known as the queen of instruments?'Ofcourse I immediately googled and found that piano is the king of instruments and there seems to be a bit of competition for the queen's crown...the organ seems to be the favourite. I also got my dancing feet back .Chris Tomlin's 'God's great dance floor' is quite the morning pick me up song.I remember several years ago watching it live in the O2 arena in London.I just could not get myself to get my feet moving then. I am also digging my heels into 'Ootie preserved'by Mol