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A pause in the New Year...

I have two days all to myself, the first in the new year.Increasingly I find these pauses in between my work   precious. Yesterday I spent the better part of the day spring cleaning my house.Much to the chagrin of the lady who helps me there was heaps of clutter and dust from the nooks and corners .So involved was I in the process that I missed my breakfast   , lunch and had to make do with a packet of biscuit and the lovely English breakfast tea satchet. I did my week’s laundry and got Lalji to put out some strings in my backyard to   sun my clothes. I thought I would spend my time doing some reading but discovered that I had picked the wrong book so did some scripture reading instead.I am working on the letters at the moment. In the evening I did some painting and then played the panflute and my guitar. Rajkumar was kind enough to pick some flowers for me for my dining table,a flush of white,yellow and a lone red rose which has a lovely fragrance. I noticed that

New year...

I have been home to Mangan to spend time with family and friends. Whilst at home I had the privellage to attend an old aunt's funeral.She was ready to be with the Lord which was nice.The pastor preached a matter of fact sermon . At home I missed Mom's birthday and the carol services due to the constraints at the hospital but was in time for the family christmas dinner. My sister is got into oil painting and she is doing some great work .This morning she sent us a painting of flowers she had painted with a actual live butterfly hovering on it so she did not need to be complimented for it. I am back in the campus covering for the juniors who are away preparing to give NEET and one of them awaiting for a new arrival,alternating with Dr Dinesh our resident surgeon.Calls are not busy because it is winters but we do get some sick patients. I am yet to really sit down and meditate on the new year and the resolutions,,,,surprisingly I feel the need to make one this year.I co