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'And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.'

I have been counselling a few ladies off and on on subjects I am not exactly masters in.I pray for them and on retrospect I myself get surprised by the prompting of the Holy spirit even as I venture into the foreign land in faith. One evening I had called a few ladies over for tea.One of them in all good faith was talking about another christian lady who inspite of having so many problems would make all the ladies in the group laugh.She used the line 'rote ,rote bee sabko hasaate hai!'.It almost sounded like the story of the joker in the circus who was hilarious in his public shows but his life per se was a tragedy all through and finally the story ends with the joker committing suicide. What are we as christians inheritors of?Are we inheritors of such burdens which are to be placed under a facade of 'all is well' mask? Jesus has called us to 'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled

Receive your portion with reverance and awe!

God is not interested in what you have achieved but is very interested in what you become. All of us receive our portion from the Lord everyday. What do we do with it,is the question. The way we deal with the portion God places in our lives determine where we will be in the coming days. Do we go through life receiving with reverance and awe the portion God gives in obedience to the Holy spirit? Do we submit to Him so that he can work his perfection in us and through us or do we go around searching for answers where we will never receive it? Portions can come wrapped in various wrappings.It is not always shining and beautiful as the world makes it out to be. The most precious and lasting gift I have received in my life came mounted on the cross wrapped in hate,rejection and sin of the world,the gift of salvation. Receive your portion with reverance and awe. How does God deal with us? Thomas Merton puts it this way. "He plucks the world out of my heart and then throws it

Dehra in spring

Dehra is getting into it's first flush of spring.It's lovely to just get out of the four walls and keep the pace.We have an onslaught of poisonings making it to the hospital casuallty.It is indeed surprising that anyone should want to put an end to life when everything around seems so beautiful. Yesterday Manoj came to the out-patient for his medicines.I started off from where I had ended.He told me he had bits and pieces of bible tracts with him but no bible.I found a Gideon's new testament to give him and he actually turned to me and thanked me for the book.I understood that he had begun to understand the worth of the book I was passing on to him. Today a lady came to the out-patient to see me.She had strategically covered one half of her face with her shawl and I could not understand why?I asked her and she told me that she was blind in one eye.She had a scar on one half of the face which had taken the eye along,was it an acid attack I wonder?I told her that she looked

Just walking through life...!

Walking through the tea-estate behind HCH one sees the beauty of the creation against the canvas of the sky.Eskewed trees in all shapes and sizes ,each one unique,breathtakingly beautiful.All of God's creation is faultless but over the last few years trees have fascinated me to aesthetic heights. The seasonal change of colours,the way the light falls through it at different times of the day and the different seasons of the year. I often find myself just standing put at whatever I am doing to stare at it. It does however provoke a few looks.Not everyone understands what I am at. That is closest one can get to raw nature around here.Thank God,my soul would have died in a bigger city,I guess. Even when I am home,I have this habit of taking long walks and there are lovely open spaces where one can do that.I walk a lot with my father but those are catching up times which he does with all of us siblings.Especially his grand children love to accompany him for walks early in the morn