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Losing the pillars.

Yesterday evening we lost our pastor ,I got the news today.He's been our pastor babu forever it seems.Eons ago my grandfather whom I never saw groomed him into the office.He grew up in the hills of Mangan along with my parents ,so for them it is indeed a big loss. I, for one, have never stayed at home and so have not exactly been under his jurisdiction but my family has and I never thought I would feel the loss of that unassuming shy man.He did baptise me. Slowly a generation is passing by before our eyes.They were stalwarts of all that was basic,strong and dependable not necessarily always in the right. Home to me means predictability,church,faithfullness,congregation,sweet sincere hymns sung by simple people in churches packed with families,a way of life unquestioned ,unchallenged and falling into a rythemn of it's own. I grieve acutely with my parents and the senior citizens who I am sure must be battling their own  battles with  vulnerability.

Praying with the Master.

I was overjoyed to catch Georgie over the phone the other day.Needed some help with a paediatric protocol ,had called up Vikram to confirm ,he was in Ooty of all the places and George and Susan happened to be around for their child’s admission, I think. George being George was not only thorough with the protocol I wanted he offered to pray for me over the phone.Just how many people do we know who do that.I was deeply encouraged. Bethsheba Eicher is another person who prays with me almost every month over every issue under the sun we grapple with in our respective sphere of work and life.We have been doing this I think for around   a decade now. Praying with each other over the telephone is a great way of staying connected where it matters with people.We talk to many people over the course of the days that flip by-a few witty comments stay on for sometime but the praying with each other leaves a lasting impact in ways we cannot even fathom.’ One time not so long ag