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Notes tomyself 2

EXODUS- Exodus-Sinai-Tabernacle. Deliverence-Law-Presence. The God who delivers-1-18. The God who demands-19-24. The God who draws near-25-40. 'I will bless you'Genesis 12 vs 2 The blessing is fulfilled two-fold,firstly by giving God's law on mount Sinai and by His presence with his people in the tabernacle. The Law reveals our need for a savior. The law reveals God's standard. (His charecter). Exodus 20 vs 2 'I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt,the land of slavery.'Exodus 20 vs 2. There is deliverence before the giving of the law. If obedience to law is not the path to membership in the covenant of God,it is required for the enjoyment of blessing within the covenant. 'If you obey me fully and keep my covenant,then out of all nations you will be my treasured possesion.'Exodus 19 vs 5.

Run out of tears...

Today a calm and collected man walked into the OPD.I had seen him on an earlier occassion and had started him on oral hypoglycaemics.He entered my OPD and he said he had come to test his sugars and he had been off the medication for the past five days.My first reaction was to pounce on him for not having taken the medicines as prescribed and secondly I would have hit the roof under normal circumstances because the glucometer simply read 'Hi'which means it was unable to interpret the level since it was uncontrolled,but soemthing held me back.He quietly informed me that he had had a dizzy spell this morning which had brought him to the OPD that day. I asked him a simple question why? and he matter of factedly told me that his eighteen year old son who had been working in a battery factory in Mumbai had succumbed to a burn injury and had died in Mumbai.I looked at him with my mouth literally open and he quietly addaed sixteen people had lost their lives.My heart sank and I felt t

Notes to myself.

History-Genesis to Esther. Poetry-Job to Song of Songs. Prophecy-Isaiah to Malachi. Law-Genesis to deutronomy. Prophets-Former-Joshua to 2 Kings Latter-Isaiah to Malachi. Writings-Psalms ,wisdom literature,history of exile and beyond. Old Testament. 1.The pattern of the kingdom. 2.The perished kingdom. 3.The promised Kingdom. 4.The partial kingdom. 5.The prophesied kingdom. The New Testament. 6.The present kingdom. 7.The proclaimed kingdom. 8.The perfected Kingdom. (Courtesy-God's Big Picture-Vaughan Roberts)

Wierd presentations.

A lady was brought into the out-patient dittery on the feet supported on either side by her sons with a history of severe headache.I have learnt not to take things at face value so I dug for history further.The lady sounded confused but the bystanders insisted that the headache and loss of appetite were her main complaints for the past four days.On prodding further ,the son added that it had started with fever a few days back but had been treated by the local doctor for malaria(read quack).I still did not buy what they were saying so I took her to the casualty and started working on her regular parameters.Her BP,Pulse rate ,temperature and the GRBS was fine.Her saturation however was just 82 %.On clinical examination she had crepts in the right base. Putting two and two together ,an hour or two later and she would have presented with hypoxic seizure and we would have been running around in circles for the diagnosis.This is a delimna of clinical presentation in this part of India.Peopl

In the moment.

I cannot see beyond the moment but, in this moment I can see the hills of Zion in the horizon... I can colour the sky pink in autumn, the hills of golden hue, the bushes in colour the rivers deep and wide, I can paint the lillies , the way my mother likes it.. 'easter white' I can paint snow on the mountains, gurgling brooks, and deep,deep blue sky.. I can create stillness in my canvas, the Holy silence, I can colour my trees and bushes golden brown with fire, purple and green dancing ,and tiptoeing to the whims and fancies of my inexperienced brush... I can paint the dew of Hermon... falling on Mount Zion, I can even stand on Mount Pisgah and look at the promised land... in this moment , (Dedicated to the family of the soul that succumbed to depression in DSM and to the mother who lost a child even as she helped us buy the vemtilator for our ACU)

Ten commandments.

Church today was another stint in learning the great truth.We are studying the book of ACTs one of the two books of the gospel attributed to Dr Luke. In between ,Dr R took the congregation through the ten commandments.The congregation knew each of the commandments by heart. 1.You shall have no other Gods beside me. 2.You shall not make any idols. 3.You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. 4.Remember the sabbath day ,to keep it Holy. 5.Honor your father and mother. 6.You shall not murder. 7.You shall not commit adultery. 8.You shall not steal. 9.You shall not bear false withness. 10.You shall not covet. Dr R said something which greatly changed the way I had looked earlier at these commandments. He said 'The ten commandments was actually the charecter of God 'and he was teaching the israellites to be like Him. 'Be ye perfect even as your heavenly father is perfect'-Mathew 5 vs 48. Can you even begin to understand the heart of God which te

One more year.

I spent my birthday in Varanasi.I booked myself into a heritage hotel built as a palace by the King of nepal in the late 1800s,filled with tourists.The place was good enough ,I especially liked the decor which had elements of traditional with modernity.The food was allright,ranging all the way from buffet breakfast with a south-indian spread to pancakes and baked beans .etc.The first evening I just decided to tag along with a bengali family in the hotel car to see the Ganges at sunset with the aarti.The first view of Ganga from the ghats is deadly literally ,you could just fall down to your death if you are not careful.The hotel had booked the boat so we were well looked after.The driver told us to be wary of anyone and everyone and that they would look after us.He said the reason he could not possibly do otherwise was because he was on a salary roll in the hotel for Rs 7000 per month and he would not like to lose his only source of income.He was matter-of fact in the reason why the gh

...the journey continues...

It has been a mundane enough fortnight or so ,going about doing my usual things.I feel fortunate to be in a campus where there is no dirth of inspiration from God's word or His work.The festival of lights has kicked in in the heart of India.I have taken the next three days off ,booked myself into a heritage hotel in Varanasi built by the maharajah of Nepal in the 1890's.I hope to do some shopping ,supplement my childlike art materials and some knick knacks for the kitchen,and perhaps a DSLR or a good printer which will be compatible with my notebook.I also hope to do some reading and explore Benaras if I feel like it,the cultural side.I hope to escape the rush of the actual diwali day by being back in the campus by then. I have been doing some talking with people,and I find myself extremely vulnerable listening to their stories.I listened to a heart's cry of a father whose son was fighting death.One evening while behind the nursing station he started chatting about his son