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This fiction happened.

(An assignment from the fiction writing course). On 22nd December 1938 ,at seven thirty in the evening, Phugu Dorjee, having served his master a frugal supper of fresh potato with vegetables ,went out for a quick stroll to the market place. He was sitting on the hearth of one of the stalls. At seven forty five ,a sentry on a horseback, came trotting into town beating a drum. ..'citizens,please listen........ his majesty, the chogyal(King) of Sikkim,has given an urgent call to all the citizens of Lachung to vacate town as soon as possible.A big glacier is expected to sweep through town any moment....hear,.hear!.'. Phugu Dorjee rushed back to the mission house where he saw his master's study door pull closed. It was time for Pilkenin Sahab's evening devotion.He prefered not to be disturbed. The matter was urgent so Phugu Dorjee knocked at the door,opened it judiciously and said, ' Sahab, a big glacier is expected to sweep through town any moment.E