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Physician heal thyself !

Each time I handle an emergency, Moving hands ,feet ,head and feelings , to bind up the bleeding and the bruised, a little part of me wears out. Sometimes it is like ,'Master,I cannot take it any more.' Is there an easier way out? A little more facility,a little less hitting in the dark, a little more clarity..but the sick are suffering, they are hurting ...,and they cannot go to the USA. So you do what you can,and then leave things in God's mighty hand. To heal the sick and the physician.

Your grace is mine for eternity...

I did not wake up to the all encompassing brilliant presence of the Lord in the room as I did yesterday. My heart was not humming a psalm when I opened my eyes this morning. I was woken up rudely by the shrill telephone bell-to a patient breathless and distressed. Pneumothorax it was ,half an hour later ,chest tube inserted I sit out on my chair and wait on the Lord. It is deadly still outside ,knee high grasses in the lawn before me stands still ,beaten in it's unspoken inneundo only by the hot air that does not blow. I strum my guitar and sing a few psalms....I pray to the Lord ..... 'I thirst for you my whole being longs for you,O Lord in a dry and parched land where there is no water' and yet as I sang earlier... 'You are a God who brings forth fruit from dead and arid land and You are also the same God who pours out living water from a dry river bed...You are the Master of my life ...your Grace which is better than life, is mine for eternity'. That

Little joys of life!

Small joys of life cannot be taken for granted. Yesterday after work the electricity went for a sixer so I pulled my arm-chair out and sat on my verandah watching the staffs and the children at it, at various games. Suddeny I had all the young ladies,anywhere between one to nine years storm my paraphenalia asking me for chocolates.I got down talking with them. The window into the children's world is fascinating to say the least.Yesterday my friend in England wrote to me about her little one who I believe remembers me and asks often when I will be coming to England next. I remember that intelligent child with such fascination ,even now when I go back to read the blogs I have written then, I am filled with joy. Coming back to the present I noticed that the boys had balls and bat and were busy playing with their boy thing but the girls did not have anything. So I offered to play with them.We played box ,which I seem to have partially forgotten and then I taught them 'baby s


A young girl was brought to me by one of the community health workers from the village of Chapara. She had had a recent history of having migrated to Nagpur to work as a labourer in the roads with her grandmother.She had studied till the ninth class. The history went that when they were about to make the journey home she started weeping profusely and started behaving abnormally and stopped speaking altogether. My colleague who was sitting across the table suggested that there might be a history of abuse. As we got talking to her she opened up .We had a sketchy history in hand which suggested abuse,exploitation,wrong counsel,ignorance and a way of life… I have had a glimpse into the life of a migrant in an earlier occasion while looking after the tuberculosis programme in Nav-jivan in Satbarwa.Fighting to bring tuberculosis under control in the area with a highly disciplined ,organized and participatory programme ,one always found that one was out-done by a

Pray for us!

We started the Chappara clinic the wednesday last.There is a fantastic set-up there sans man-power which a team from the hospital is trying to cover.We are glad of what response we are getting and if the Lord wills it hopefully we will see some fruits in that field.We hope to hold the clinic every wednesdays and saturdays. In the meantime we continue to grapple with some extremely poor patients who walk in through our door.We feel quite totally helpless. Today again I had a gentleman brought in with anuria,uraemia,acidosis,low platelet,liver cell failure who is fighting it in the new ACU.We have already given them a bad prognosis but he continues to battle it. We are also getting a spate of heart patients.All sorts from frank MI,heart blocks,sick sinus syndrome,fast AF in CCF,CHRVD and the list goes on. One other amazing thing that happened this week is that a lady whose fallopian tubes we had re-canalised a few months back ,has conceived.The husband and wife came beaming from ear


The delimna of running a mission hospital,especially a struggling one has it's moments. We still get poor patients who count their penny as they enter the casualty not in any way prepared for the emergency expenditures that come their way. This was another day a sick patient was wheeled into the casualty.He had a random sugar of twenty,serum creatinine of 3.2,platelets were twenty thousand and he was bleeding from the gums and the bladder.They were poor.Each time we asked them to get the medicine the wife would dive into a battered purse and fish out a few bucks. Max,my junior doctor offered to donate a pint of blood knowing how the black marketeers in Jabalpur make platelet transfusion an impossible form of treatment. The public in and around the hospital think that LCH is a refferal centre.Whenever a patient looks like is getting worse or develops complication after being treated by umpteen number of doctors including the government one they rush to 'the mission'. Th


I am getting 'whats-upped'. I find myself slowly getting steered out of the common family thread which my late cousin called 'the net-working'. We as a family find some way to communicate with each other everyday from different parts of the world.My sister in Delhi keeps us connected and we call each other ever so often.I am not a communicator by nature.I can stay disconnected with anyone for ages and expect the same response one fine day when it catches my fancy to pick up the phone.I keep in touch with my parents regularly now that they are getting on in age. Suddenly I find I am missing out on the family jokes.My siblings have been insisting I get myself an I-phone and I am adament that I can do without one.I carry around the cheapest nokia set which cost me one grand and suits me just fine. But now I find I have missed out on the some lovely photographs,my sister's laughter recorded all the way from Australia,the picture of the room my brother is building fo


One would think one is amongst a family of believers inside a campus and well looked after but things are not so simple.Majority of us are not believers,for one.I got a taste of what sort of war we are at recently. I took the step of standing up against a person who has a local clout .The only house in the campus which had an electricity shortage was mine.The only house whose electricity connection could not be retreived post-storm was mine.A seperate connection had to be arranged.I still have not for the world of me fathomed what the problem is as yet. We were building the ACU and were running after the air-conditioning of the place and even before I have been informed I realise the hot air is directly blowing into my out-patient.I am not sure if it was intentional,but one of my staffs informed me that after having corrected the person he still went ahead and did just that. Am I upset?-No.Just very curious. It just makes me realise what we are up against in the spiritual realm. I