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My seven feet tall ancestor.

 Yesterday I read about my seven feet tall imposing paternal great grand-uncle who was the Governer of Pharedjong in Tibet ,Rimshi Doti, had the distinction of bailing out five united states pilots who were caught in their bomber during war. While doing a bit of research myself I also found a cup somewhere in a musuem in New Zealand which had been presented by him to William Dunning. The books from where I take the referance are 'Out of this world-Across the himalayas,to forbidden tibet.', 'Flight to adventure,to Alaska and Beyond 'by Lowell Thomas Junior.

Celebrating christmas away from home.

This year I do not get to celebrate Christmas or my mom's birthday at home but I sit here in my room ,crushed by deadlines and health indisposition(Slight asthmatic attack which resolved) listening to her favourite song. This song talks about the creation's beauty, God's greatness and the celebration of the difference we as human beings enjoy and yet when we come before our God the creator all the differences melt into one resounding praise of gratitude to Him. Somethings remain with me this season. When my dad was getting sicker,one day he slipped out from bed as usual to accompany mom to the kitchen and he could not get up.As he grew older he found it difficult but never missed doing it because he knew mom would find it difficult without his help. The last conversation I heard him make was the one I overheard while talking to my brother.His question was ,'Is mom allright?' I did not know that he was not all there then. The entire month I was there ,mom would pick