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The season.

I just said goodbye to a friend and I feel sad.Max is my junior doctor.A quiet kid who when he joined us looked like he would prefer to disappear from the usual welcome and farewells that go on.For the past two years he has been like a shadow supporting and helping me through the inconsistencies of my personality.I have raved and ranted,he has silently been there....a ready with Divya ,supporting me when I have been at my weakest. I took my time getting to know Max.Anyone can tell you that he is an introvert.Divya and myself often take time to rag him ,he takes it sportingly.He is the junior who has patiently painted the dustbins in the campus,designed the annual report cover for two continuos years,counted the tiles in the acute care unit umpteen number of times,defibrillated patients,done amputations,studied basic medicine with us ,just filled in whenever we have felt out of our depth. I have never seen him loose it,,In the middle of getting picked out for something I h

Making Christmas memories!!

Made a quick trip to Lalitpur to see my friend Sheba and her family before I dash out of EHA ,'Kent'ward bound.Doing the MP highway at 100kms per hour,from a distance of about half a kilometre we saw a motorbike struggling to cross over.He seemed to be an amateur .Kamlesh tried his best to control his car while I prayed hard.At the last moment the man slid his bike right in front of us.Things could have turned tragic but for our Lord's mercy.We hit the pillion ,both the men were thrown out of the bike onto the road but the car made a smoothe stop so the men were safe ,just the light at the back was broken. Out of nowhere a policeman landed up and a crowd came in.Things can turn ugly on the road. Two gentlemen, both of whom looked dignified, just appeared in the crowd and took control of the situation ,kept reiterating that it had not been our fault ,made us pay for the backlight and made way for us to leave the spot.Talk of guardian angels! The morning when we started of

One step more..

I am slowly but surely winding up my stuff from Lakhnadon.As usual I take a rough survey of my belongings and decide what I really want to carry with me.I have managed to collect a fair share of kitchen items ,thanks to my sunday cooking to feed the twelve youngsters.I never realised I liked glass so much as when I started filtering through my stuff only to find my weakness for the cutleries made of glass.I have a terracotta black pot which I have managed to put into a cardboard box.Apart from that I have an oven ,a coffeemaker and a blender I would like to carry with me. I have two or three boxes of books some of which have lived through my various movements around the country,many added to the collection in Lakhnadon.. Strangely enough,I don't have much clothes and anyway none that I covet.Bulk of my beddings were bought when I had visitors in Herbertpur,most of which I am not planning to lug around and ofcourse I have two or three files full of papers which seems to be the

These days..

The last week has been strange to say the least,I had to travel to Raipur for my IELTES.I had three days in hand in a strange town.Divya booked a place for me in the pastoral centre which fed me with the tastiest putta I have had in my life.The cost was unbelievable ,just two hundred rupees per day. The written and the spoken were in two different places which were a rickshaw ride away from the place where I was staying.The first day an old rickshawpuller seems to have fleeced me of fifty bucks extra.The next day I decided to partly walk and caught a rickshaw halfway.What amused me and touched me also the next day was the reaction of the rickshawpuller to my ten rupees coin.He blankly refused to take it from me. Just a day earlier I was catching up with my juniors on current affair.One of them commented that one rickshawpuller had committed suicide because he could not feed his family,but he further added that it was his own fault because he had an old one thousand rupees note in hi