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But I still haven't found what I am looking for...

So goes Bono and the gang and so goes my heart....a deep,deep sense of lack of identification to the people and places around me.Is this emptiness?How can it be?Have I strayed??I don't know .Heard Ravi Zach say that the older he gets more to the basics he goes?Do these preachers in their all knowing assurance they potray feel a deep sense of hollowness sometimes?Are they convinced about what they share?Oh lord help me. Yes there was a bit about absolute purity in word ,unseduced by the world -real to the core which did strike a cord within me .Help me lord in these times to hold on to your absolute standards.

The lord delights in the worship of his people!

Three days of heaven-night and day revival service-We are at it.The campus looks and feels different.A time of worship,and a time of listening to his words from his servants.It is going to continue for another seven days.Nav-jivan feels like a new-life hospital.Praise the lord.Hoping to attend the RZIM national conference in Delhi if the lord wills it.


It was like a deja-vu.I have always loved Kolkotta .I have mantained it throughout my college days but there have been times in between I have often wondered why.I had to go down to Kolkotta for my visa-this week.I put up in the YWCA which to my utter delight was in the Park-Street.As you entered the premises of the YWCA,you immediately feel at home with posters of Jesus and mother Teresa all over the place with notices sbout the church timing,et,al.Just when you walk out of the gate 'Sourav's'-Ganguly's eatery stares you in the face.For better part of the day I straggled my way around for my visa.I had a half day in Kolkutta to do what I wanted and that is exactly what I did.Just the previous day,two things Kolkottans romance most about had happened .I was lucky to have been there when it did.Nandigram had taken place during the week.The intellegentias of Kolkotta had called a morcha which was to march through the streets of Kolkotta.Nothing like it had happened even i

'Victims innocentes.'

Yesterday I saw a movie-'victim innocentes'-a story of a boy Chama ,based in the background of the civil war in El-Salvador.It was a heart-breaking story made more poignant by the wonderful acting of the boy-actor.It sort of made me get the focus back which I personally felt I was losing for bits due to all the pettiness which I am also a part of in our everyday lives.As I sat in the church and participated in the singing of the song'jivan rupi more dunga ahay'which speaks of jesus taking us through the stormy sea across to the other side -it brought tears to my eyes.In that level of suffering and desperation where innocent children are being used everyday to cater to the animal spirit of man in all coats of sophistication what sort of tomorrow do we have to give our children?The world needs the hope that only Jesus can give.Do I in my everyday life give even ten seconds of thought to all the souls that are being moulded to frames where Jesus may or may not be accomoda

Oddanchattram - The way I see it now...........

In the midst of the haze of trying to balance a hundred and one things together one often forgets to savour every minute that passes by.It is God alone who needs to be given the glory for all the beauty in our lives,I am getting a year older and it seems like I am really putting on in years,hopefully more mentally than physically.I very often find myself unconciously going through the motions automatically. Then I stop for a moment to take a deep breath and look around which is when I realise what I am actually missing. The other day I received a mail from ODC asking me to write something about my time there.As I sat back with my pen to write - this is what actually flowed through.It was a revelation for me. ODDANCHATTRAM-The way I see it now. Oddanchattram,ten years since.After a decade in the rough and tough world of Indian missions,it almost seems like a distant dream.What does ODC mean to me now?It means Dr.KV's warm smile that reaches the heart,Dr.K.O pulling out gauvas fro