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Just Listening.....

All of eighty and delirious ,the old Pandit shuflled for his Janeu(Sacred ceremonial thread according to hinduism which the brahmins tie around their person).Two devoted sons tried to wrestle him down to his bed.He had a diaper on ,and a catheter but was insisting deliriously that he wanted to use the toilet.Suddenly he picked up his thread and put two loops around his ear.The sons interpreted that he wanted to pass stool.This was a learning for us. Another time another man in his eighty came in screaming with chest pain.He had extensive anterior wall MI .My junior colleague managed him well.His ST elevation had reverted ,his pulse rate was well controlled and he was comfortably seated by the time we saw him for the morning rounds.By the afternoon he complained of chest pain and then went into a supraventricular tachycardia but his hemodynamics held, so we medically managed him.He was by nature a comfortable man.He shared that he was ready to die.We got talking to him one afternoon.He

There is a balm in Gileod

Balm of Gileod.....

 It was a busy OPD and and as always I enjoy talking to my patients . 'A' entered the OPD talking loudly with an elderly woman.A bright woman obviously educated came in with some vague complaints.She was from Delhi but had ventured into town recently and kept asking me relevent questions.However ,I found that she was tiptoeing around certain health issues and not dealing with it as one would expect. Certain senior doctors run this trust where they do hysterectomies for ladies free of cost.I was talking to the said doctor and she told me about a cause of distress and shame uterine prolapse was to ladies from a rural setting so she along with her husband had decided to raise money to do the surgeries free of cost. A lot of our patients have benefitted from the scheme.I examined the  lady and got out a history that she had a rectal prolapse and had had it since childhood.I was a little taken aback that she had done nothing about it.Suddenly she just broke down and burst out about

The joys of being on the other side.

It was an ordinary day in the clinic .I saw a family who stood out stark.My heart jumped with joy to see them. Not that I knew them personally, but when they come to the hospital on their own it makes our day. These are our friends from the  Musahir  bastis sprinkled around Majhwa.I had seen Mari a few weeks back. She just strolled into the hospital ,informed us that she had completed the anti-tubercular medicine at the block and wanted a chest X-ray done.I could not understand the reason and so instructed someone to ask her to get her final sputum checked at the block which would be enough to deem her cured. Three weeks later she was back with another family in the tow and again demanded a CXR off one of my junior colleagues who wheedled out a history of amenorrhoea from her.She turned out to be pregnant so naturally could not get a CXR done.My colleague got out another important information from her.She wanted the CXR to declare herself cured  in the block hospital so that she could