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May your life on this earth be a happy one, May your sun be warm and may the sky be bluuuuuuuuuue, May each storm that comes your way make way for a brighter day, May the Lord and Savior watch over you. As you spend time with friends and family And you see the warmth and love they have for you When you see the wars and the hate,others radiate May the Lord and Savior ,watch over you. As you spend time in this old world of ours As you see the beauty of the morning dew, As you smell the summer flowers,while you pass away the hours May the Lord and Savior,watch over you.

A prayer to the King of my hearts-the only one worthy of all the honour,glory and grace!

What a strange fortnight it has been,nightmarish to say the least,spiritually frightening.....'hold on to Jesus'-is all I can say to myself and to all the faltering believers who are desperately grappling with their faith. Lord you are all in all. Lift up this curtain of bondage that seems to be supresssing us and help us to reach out for you,to choose you,to put you first in our lives.... Give us the grace to step back to give you the rightful place,you are the King of are the Prince of are the king of eternal life........ May you be lifted up in our lives,in our institution today and always!

Amazing God!!

An event occured some two days back which broke a lot of our hearts.Something did not seem right.It stunned me first and then I confronted some of the people involved for a first hand account. Our church had been going through the series on Holy spirit and our pastor had just completed the series on the pentecostal sunday.Some people in the campus had been praying for a spiritual breakthrough .....He had given an alter call and I got up which is very unlike me.I was blessed. It was the day after that all these events seemed to have occured. Burdened by it all,I went into a time of worship till past the midnight the next day but on Wednesday morning I was having my quiet time as usual and while I was praying,I saw this vision of a huge golden snake sitting on the throne.It was so clear.I sat still for a moment thanked the Lord for the vision but did not know what to do with it-I prayed that the serpent might be dethroned and the Lord be given the rightful place,I made some time out t

Remembering KV's LRS..

I remember the words of Dr Kuruvilla Varkey in one of the LRS’s which stunned me into a deep introspection -‘If you have a pure heart the poor and the needy will naturally come to you’. He did not say if you have a pure heart you will go to the poor.Here, there is another subtle dimension of self-fulfillment one can get at the behest of the poor if one is not careful. This statement has remained with me eversince ,making me do an integrity check on myself from time to time.I fail most times. The Sermon on the Mount clearly says-‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.’ What is it about the poor that God is so near to them? What is poverty? Is it just lack of material resources or is it much more.World Bank defines it as- “Poverty is pronounced deprivation in well-being, and comprises many dimensions. It includes low incomes and the inability to acquire the basic goods and services necessary for survival with dignity. Poverty also encompasses low levels of health

A prayer!

A PRAYER Lord , if I am a pilgrim on my way home Why do I hold on to things like I will never let it go….. Why is my feet so heavy…and my steps so slow….. Why do I hoard things…..people included…. Why is my baggage so heavy…that it will not let me go? Lord ,if I am a pilgrim on my way home Why do I live like a king and behave like a beggar? Why do I build empires which do not matter…. Lord, if I am a pilgrim on my way home Why am I here ? The road map is near… Your voice I hear… Lord if I am a pilgrim on my way home.. Make me a pilgrim on my way home…….

An afternoon of awe!

Tea gardens behind the HCH campus is a stretch of greenery and a blessing .This is a season of snakes but one can't help making a foray into the mini wilds the place simulates.There are trees of all kinds,all shape and all charecters which arrest your attention and touches your soul.The skies with the changing moods of the monsoons resplendant with hues of lilac and pink,surprising one out of the regular spectrum one would expect.It's God's handiwork which has an imprint of his person which never fails to startle,engage,entrall,enlighten and embrace. Thank you Lord for these precious joys...which are freely given.

A request for prayer!!

CAN WE PRAY FOR THE RAINS THIS MONSOONS IN SATBARWA . ALL OF US KNOW THAT THE RAINS ARE EXPECTED TO COME IN FROM THE 15th OF JUNE.THE WATER TABLES ARE REALLY LOW AND IF WE DO NOT HAVE GOOD RAINS THIS YEAR THE CAMPUS WOULD HAVE TO START BUYING WATER FROM THE TANKS……BUT I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO FATHOM WHAT THE PEOPLE IN THE VILLAGES WILL DO…..AND THAT WITH THE RAINS A HARVEST OF SOULS MIGHT OCCUR. OUR GOD IS A GREAT GOD WHO ANSWERS THE SUPPLICATIONS OF HIS PEOPLE…….. ‘And who know whether you are come to the kingdom for such a time as this.’-Esther 4,vs14. Jeremiah 14,vs 22 "Do any of the worthless idols of the nations bring rain?" "Do the skies themselves send down showers ?" " No, it is You, O Lord our God. Therefore our hope is in you, for you are the one who does all this."

The Big mercies of my life!!

Once more in my life the Lord is teaching me what it is to depend entirely on Him.He is taking away all the props and teaching me that He is sufficient. Just came back from the Ascension service. At the end of a full day,deplete of all human strenght,what a joy it is to rest in the Lord in the company of believers worshipping Him.The sweeetness of His presence is a cushion that can shield me from any onslaught.It gently reminds me that I am His and He is sufficient. I may never take it for granted. Amen.


Was going through the final lectures wiith one of the visiting electives who plans to come back to India to work in the missions .It was amazing hearing him spontanaeously give a final talk to the residents about the testimony about his calling to be in India. Was feeling a little low having just got the news that our dynamic pastor was going to be away for a quarter of a year.The lord edified me through his testimony.Like most of us, he had reached the end of himself ,lost the taste for life….contemplating suicide and the Lord had taken over from there……. ‘Come to me all ye who are burdened ..and I will give you rest…’that was the verse that took him over to the other side . It is amazing how the Lord has these broken vessels all over the place .I get encouraged by the deep love he puts into ordinary vessels ,giving them a purpose that has eternal value and a worth that cost God,the Cross and a separation from his own person.Suddenly that ordinary ,broken human being is ordinary n