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Christmas and the nativity play.

Christmas is here and the pastor ,our simple ,quiet pastor asks us gently from the lectern on Sunday-will it be an empty 'Merry Christmas ' again this time.There will be buying the best,never-ending shopping lists,programmes to be charted ,gifts to be bought,parties to be organised ,choirs to be practised.It's activity time but in all that business we have no time,no thought ,no not even an intent for the king.As we go around wishing every body a happy christmas its all empty shell with no content.One honest look at self and even more honest look at Him who is truth personified will see us looking towards a new direction.The lord have mercy on all of us.

wise-cracks,vertigo and my siblings...

Been to England and back.Enjoyed the wise-cracks at the BTS.Saw umpteen number of cousins hadn't met for a while.Ragged my cousin PG about religion as usual.Enjoyed a time to remember with my siblings...Everyday I talk to my sister and everyday she makes me laugh.My ear is giving me some problem -my world keeps spinning around-my taste-buds seem to have gone on a holiday.I am living on boiled patatoes and tomato chutney but for the exciting stuff my juniors make off and on. I am living in a totally different plane.My cousin bought me a Sony Home Theatre system.I bought a Jack and Danny for myself.Its a sleek guitar.Janet presented me with a capo to go with it.Its christmas here away from all that is home but I feel detatched enough!