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Somti bai was brought in by her mother-in-law and her father's family with no clean surface visible in her person.She had suffered more than 90% burns.We found a small patch on the dorsum of her hand to start her on fluids.She was intermittantly screaming with pain.Her tiny children a boy and a girl ,both below two years watched wide-eyed at all the elders wondering what the occassion was.They came to the hospital at 2 A.M. in the morning.Preity devotedly did the dressing and we snapped a ringer into her and put it on continuos flow.We also started her on antibiotics.With three patients needing simultaneous attention I was about till four in the morning before I could go back to bed. We did not have much hope for Somti but after she had been meticulously cleaned up,bandaged and with some sedatives into the system she settled down into a slumber.Next two days she started feeding but even then we put in an NG tube and started giving her high protein diet.We did a cut down on her but

Somebody touched me while I was singing...must have been the hand of the Lord!

We have been getting a spate of well-off patients for palliative care.By God's grace all of them have been doing well,one gentleman with pontine bleed was with us through three crashes and then went home eating,responding and talking a few words.We now have two patients in the private ward,one with terminal cancer and the other with brainstem haemorhage who sailed past a deadly pneumonia which was resistent to everything but Teigacycline and colistin.The bystanders are determined to support him through everything. Today one more patient was brought to us with sub-dural haematoma post-head injury.The patient was all of eighty five,from the village and stone deaf.He had been admitted in Jabalpur medical college but after six days of admission without any explanation the relatives had had it so they had come over to our hospital.Nobody had explained what was happening.The patient had been on fluids and enroute to our hospital the son had given him an apple and some water which he had