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A solution

.Archana Sharma ,a   gynaecologist in Rajasthan,committed deliberate self-harm the other day. A patient of hers had succumbed to post-partum haemorhage .The relatives of the patient had filed an IPC 302 against her. It was a fleeting news I read which had been highlighted by one of my conceintious colleagues. It was somewhere at the back of my mind. I had a strange dream towards the morning hours.I was in the market somewhere when I happened to notice a ruckus down below.A women was being assaulted by two women.There was a camel lazily sitting on the floor with a lazy mahout stretched out on top of it watching the scenario with utter disinterest.There was an old man with white hair sitting on his haunches towards the head of the camel with tears streaming down his eyes ,wiping it with the back of his hands.There was an old lady crying out loudly gesticulating for help ,standing behind the camel.It was a vivid picture and had me thoughtful. What struck me was how active the woman we