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Delhi,CWG and a poorman's bread!

Travelled to Delhi. The only referance to the Ayodhya verdict I heard on the way was from some of the bearers in the train who were arguing with a passenger.Delhi seemed ready for the commonwealth games.A sleepless night had ensured that I be behind in energy ,steadiness and patience.The normally 45 minutes drive from Nizamuddin to Dwarka took three hours straight.Thanks to the CWG lane the government had segregated, the cars in a row crawled in the traffic while one half of the road looked empty un-used and superfluos. Delhi did not look one bit like one of the economic superpowers holding an international event of repute. Had already heard so much about the mud-slinging that was going on in the television channels ,I did not want to add to it,but I did feel bad for the auto-rickshawpuller who had to make do with a single sawari when he could have done three in the time. I do after all, agree with Mani Shankar Aiyar to an extent I think!-but I do want the games to do well.

A night in the station

The Ayodhya verdict was scheduled on the 30th of September 2010.I was to leave Chattarpur the same night at nine.A sudden phone call from my sister urged me to leave the hospital a day earlier on the 29th and it had to be at midnight to catch an on-going train to Delhi from Harpalpur.We were in the borders of UP,I had no access to television news so was unaware of the umpteen number of SPGs and the border closing measures the government had undertaken.Pappu,the sardar drove us through the night to a sleepy station past the mid-night.Rev Prakash who was travelling with me had a 'Frontline' which I managed to skim through in between slapping several mosquitoes that were having a field day sucking blood off the passengers in deep slumber inside the waiting room.I decided to move out to the benches for some fresh air. An old villager lay on the bench stretched out to his full length covered by a thin chaddar.When he saw me approach the bench.He apologetically got up and attributed

India of the Risen Christ!

Glory of the Lord being manifest in the lives of Shadrachs,Mesachs and Abednegos from the North.. Moses' from the East and the West moving with the Hand of God upon them. Joshuas from the South claiming every land they put their foot on for Christ. And Davids from the core of and women after God's very own heart worshipping and loving him like the shepherd king. AMEN.

India of the crucified Christ!

There was a prayer call for all churches in Chattarpur. The only issue to be uplifted was the country. While praying for India,I started painting a picture of Christ crucified in India. It looked something like this. The crown of thorns lay on Kashmir...the nailed hand bleeding on either side lay on Gujarat on one side and Orissa and the eastern states on the other.The foot of the Christ was in the south nailed to the cross again ,it seems. The heart....the weeping..agonising...beating heart of Christ lay in central India.... but WAIT!... there is something more... THE CROSS IS EMPTY... CHRIST IS ALREADY RISEN.... THE PRICE HAS BEEN PAID..... but the reality of the risen christ continues to ellude the billions in the land! Where is Mary Magdalene today?? ('How will they know unless they are told...?')


It's last but one week of September.In UP and the border districts of MP,all eyes are on Ayodhya.It's fascinating to note how every common man's decision about the week seems to be bordered around the verdict.People wanting early discharges,wanting more medicine,wanting to avoid travel. The ward that admits the medical patients in the hospital here is a potpouri of socioeconomic mix.It is a large hall meant to house eye patients during season but is at the moment converted into a medical ward. In the first bed ,next to the nursing station ,an endearing old man in his sixties with Alzheimer's who has developed a scrotal ulcer is bedded.His two sons and his wife attend to his needs and seem to be devoted enough.He is a bundled up mass of silver hair,looks almost like Einstein and wears a blank expression on most days.His every nuances and discomfort are well interpreted by his folks and brought to our notice.Twice a day,i make it a point to walk up to his bed and make c

An unreasonable man who is courageously wise and wonderful!

I read three books during my fortnight's stint in Chattarpur.The diary of an unreasonable man-by Madhav Mathur published by Penguins could pass of for a bollywood pot-boiler.'The cure 'by Geeta Anand,a senior writer with the wall street journal captured my fancy quite a bit.It deals with three of my favourite topics of medicine,research and sheer grit in the face of adversity.It's a true story about the Crowleys, whose two children are diagnosed with pompe's disease.The father fights his way through the difficult circumstances to save his children.It takes us into the world of research and the dynamics involved in the search for 'cure'.It has inspired a movie'Extraordinary measures'starring Brendon Fraser and Harrison Ford.I am yet to see the movie. The third book I am glad I lay my hands on was James Herriot's novel'All things wise and wonderful'.A wacky,warm and well-written as only an english man can write english.I found myself chuck

At it!

It’s been a hectic two days.Sort of getting started with the DNB classes-with exams just three months away ,we have two students from family medicine ,two from rural surgery and two from OBG appearing in December.By God’s grace help has been forthcoming from various sources-taking classes,helping with their course work,helping start a family medicine forum every Tuesday from three to four where the students sit together by themselves to discuss some prepared topics and share the schedule for the next week.One of them keeps the minutes and the non- exam going batch do some research on various topics given for the add-on.It’s just a way to encourage a dialogue ,discussion and a feeling of camadarrie amongst the students ,each one helping each other out in what ways one can.They had their first sitting yesterday amidst visitors from South Africa who were heavily into the system in the hospital.Had an average biryani and an excellent salad with strawberry ice-cream with the visitors in a r

Walking with myself,with friends and with Jesus!

It is almost a fortnight since I joined goes on. Was overjoyed to receive a brand new bronchoscope from a visitor in America. Was faced with a spate of interpersonal problem issues from friends,from the one question during the day was why can't people get along? I have started carrying a small book of meditation by Selwyn Hughes in my apron pocket.Sitting in the OPD ,I found myself having a constant desire in between the patients to get back to the Word.I couldn't find a Bible that would fit into my pocket,so next best thing that fit was this book.I like Selwyn Hughes' meditations.All through my growing up years our parents subscribed to 'Every day with Jesus'and we loved every issue of it often waiting for the new issue to come ,expectantly wondering what theme it would hold. During my school days there was one more daily reading which we loved and spoke to us.It was called 'Spring in the Valley' and became mine courtesy my

A day of dissapointments!

I am sitting in front of the PC not exactly sure where I am getting.It has not been too good a day.Apart from a few dissapointments which I dealt with on my knees.I keep recieving strange notices off and on -notices to put my signature on-and I wonder to myself ,I thought I was trying to get away from all this. I keep surprising myself with my own reactions.I have to literally talk to myself and say 'it is allright to be dissapointed'. I remember one of my seniors in one of the sessions suggesting we talk to our soul as often as possible, as David did.Sounds amazing!but that wouldn't be possible if we ran the world . The more I look at myself ,more fervently I find myself praying - 'Lord hide me behind your cross!