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The solid rock!

The weather forecast says it is going to rain. We travel into Oxford even as I see the clouds gathering . Joy comments,'wish there was sun ,it makes all the difference to the sight-seeing'. I tell Joy,'we will pray for the sun.' My lazy self scours the sky to see the clouds gathering like a fort in a battle gathering force . I speak a prayer in earnestness,beyond my lazy self as I often do. We go over to Anna's.She is between jobs.Joy tells her-ask Chering to pray for your job,she is a prayer warrier-I did not know that but it is at the tip of my mouth to say,'I don't know,if the clouds disappear and the sun comes out today then I can boldly say that God answers my prayers'-but ofcourse I don't.I bite my words back and I make a feeble protest. Suddenly,there is sunshine outside.Joy points it out to us. I thank the Lord for the sun which served us in stead till I boarded the train back to Basildon. It is humbling to realise how earnestly God

'For such a time as this.'

Ever so often ,I get totally lost for words. I feel like I am just trudging on. I was numb with shock to hear about the Woolwich murder.I go through the news-item in utter shock and a sense of pain that makes me wonder why there is so much of pain in the world? We are not much above what shocks us when we see it in cold blood. We are sinners in the deep sense,beyond the cover of what looks like what is right and holy we stand exposed before an omnipotent and omniscient God who sees all, knows all..... That is why I feel so loss for words....what does my feeble ,sinful self write before this God where every word I write seems like just another rhetoric.I am nothing and He is everything. The other day I was watching this fascinating movie about Esther. When the time comes will I be able to make a stand like her?That is what will make the heaven and hell difference every day of my life- 'Such a time as this'-this is the time.

Travelling to the mecca of learning.

I have been travelling around a bit.Made it to Cambridge to see Joy and the place. Walked around and marvelled at the huge man-made structures and the meticulous way the trust had tried to preserve the heritage.Enjoyed the green,green and more green. Saw pieces of Isaaac newton,Lord al. Met up with Janet,who was quick to connect,a khasi by origin,wife of an academician,seperated and supporting two lovely kids through school and college. Had a long talk with her. Amazingly she knew a lot of political families in Sikkim. Presbytarean by birth, is how she introduced herself. Gave her my email id and asked her to send me her prayer points. Oxford took me by surprise. Layers and layers of academic portals in unassuming houses-preserved through the centuries. Spires with names like C.S.Lewis to give it some weight. At the end of the day buildings are buildings-it's the people who have walked the corridors who give it it's value. Met Daniel,Anna ,Catherine,a

Miles to go before I sleep!

I spent a wonderfully edifying day with Dr Sam and Sarah aka. Their ability to care for people startles me at times. It is not just ordinary concern,and it breaks through in the way they unknowingly express themselves. Just being with them, seeing them in Basildon,and hearing them speak of their concerns made me realise how far I have to go as a Christian. I feel deeply humbled by the lives of my seniors. Thank God for that. It keeps my feet on the ground.  

Jesus-the name that is sweeter than any other!

When I first came to the UK and started working for the trust,I remember a 94 year old lady with a AMT of ten requesting me to pray for her.Even as I did I started weeping. Yesterday I was busy talking to another patient when I was called over to another bed-side by the patient there. She was the same gracious  lady,brought in with uncontrolled sugar again.Two of her daughters were by her bed-side and she told me 'Do you remember me?You prayed for me the last time I was here.How are you?Have you settled in?I told her I was finishing in September and going back home ,to which she said ,'God has blessed you with a different touch.God bless you,' Everytime I pass by her bed ,I look to see how she is getting on and she seems to be doing fine always surrounded by her family. Today I had a cranky patient-in his sixties,with metastatic prostate disease,spastic paraplegia(post-VZV),bad  decubites ulcer and extremely unhappy.Apparently had a wife and two sons but lived separate


I come from Sikkim.The background I come from, sense of community is extremely strong but I happen to belong to a family where based on the stenghth of the family ties, we have never really had to fall back on so called communities for support of any kind.My immediate family has the church to fall back on. I have been hearing so much of preaching on community lately,I have and I continue to wonder. I have seen the tibetains in Herbertpur support each other through thick and thin and I have wondered loudly to one of my good believer colleague-'Is it biblical?' Today we had  a preaching in the church about covenant ties and church as a community. A Christian community is a community of believers who encourage,support,rebuke with love,help each other to grow and become what Christ meant that they should be, 'their fruitful best'.. It is a community which embraces,lifts and listens. It is a community that kneels down and prays together. It is a community which puts