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It all started with the RCP asking me for a copy of my original degree certificate for applying for GMC registration.This was for a year of stint as a sabbatical in the United Kingdoms.They had asked for a certificate of goodstanding from my medical college with a current date which did not in the least make any sense because the last time I had had any contact with my medical college was twelve years back and I could not figure out the logic of it all but since the requirements are there in paper ,you do not question it, you make a wild dash  across the country and the memory lane ,that is if you have any memory of the place at all. I started my journey from Dehradun taking the early evening bus much against my sister’s advice and reached Anant  Vihar bus stand in the early hours of the morning half awake.Wanted a taxi home but got pushed into an auto rickshaw which was all fine but for a sudden urge in the middle of the journey to sing psalm 21….there I went ‘The Lord’s my she

Good Friday message on-" I thirst !"(Pilgrim's progress)

John 19,vs 28. Later knowing that everything had now been finished,and   so that Scripture would be fulfilled ,Jesus said, -‘Ithirst’.   I was reading through the references and also meditating on my own, to look at the facets of thirst Christ could have gone through.I settled on three to share with you. 1) Physical thirst – PRESENT THIRST        Christs suffering had begun hours earlier before the crucifixion. In the Garden he was in such agony, the Bible records he sweated great drops of blood.        ' Later Jesus was “scourged” with a cat of nine tails. a.     This beating would have caused Him to bleed profusely and would have built up fluid around the lungs. b.     Such a loss of fluid would have caused Jesus to go into shock and have a great loss in blood pressure. c.     The two most signs of loss of body fluids is weakness and intense thirst. The Lord’s lips would have protruded; His tongue would have swollen and would have dried to the roof of