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Michael W Smith - Healing Rain

The twins,KBC......and the spirit of God.

I spent the weekend with my favourite twins Niya and Joana,my friends from Herbertpur days when they were seven month old wonders who used to brighten up my mornings,waiting for me through the netted door even as I crashed down unto the groundfloor of my quarter in Herbertpur.One of them ,with a naughty smile used to tease me and the other used to stare at the beautiful butterflies in the garden with wonder.They always used to carry such peace on their little shoulders.They are still the same ,beautiful little ladies ,engaging ,made a lot of conversation with me.As I listened to them intelligently describe what was happening to their lives in the UK now,I just felt like I saw a walking and talking miracle.The faces of the little toddlers actually grown up by five years or so. I had a blessed time with Sushil and Anju,sharing ,talking and just revelling in the goodness of God. I attended the Basildon church at KBC after almost four years.There was that hard-hitting message that red

Keith Green - Oh, Lord You're Beautiful (Live)-a life I covet!!short but worthy indeed.

'It is I,do not be afraid.'

Sometimes beyond the second breath tired to the bones, physically,emotionally and mentally there is a light that falls on you.... Warmth,an aura that assures me I am loved. It has to be grace.. Is it you Lord? In an average day when you least expect it out of the blue your presence just envelops me I look around enquiringly Who is it Lord someone carrying your presence is it you Lord? Pushed around by the mob, left ,right and centre somedays I just want to crawl back into my room. I look at a few coveted silver locks in my hair and I smile a quiet smile. There is a deep joy within. Is it you Lord? In the chaos where everyone seems to be losing it, I find a new leash of patience, I never thought I had. I am more gentle,more understanding able to listen more without judging. No knee-jerk reactions. I step back and marvel and wonder how it could be. Is it you Lord? The other day I saw a bubble freeze into ice on a rose bush, an ice bubble closely obse

Holy Spirit, Living Breath Of God {with lyrics} - //Keith & Kristyn Gett...

Church today.

It was the transfiguration day at the church today,a celebration of the mountain-top experience of Moses when he meets with God for the ten commandments and also the mount of transfiguration where Jesus meets with Elijah and Moses and Peter,James and John withness this first hand. The preaching however was on the 40 days of wilderness experience of Christ after baptism,correlating it with the Lent which starts from Tuesday. Just before the message we remembered North Korea in the persecuted church list which according to the open doors is the place where christians are most persecuted. The christians parents are so afraid that they cannot teach the children the bible lest they tell someone. 50,000 christians are in prison because of their faith. Isaiah 54:13 was the caption- 'All your children will be taught by the Lord ,and there will be great peace.' In the sermon the discussion was on the temptations of Jesus which were engineered by the devil to take him away from his


The last but one month has been a frantic shuffle through online CMEs and completing other courses which I fancied along the way one of which was the TEFL.Now I cannot make up my mind whether to register for the Oxford university's online course on advanced creative writing .I have done one course already with Elizabeth Garner which was fun because there was a lot of interaction and feedbacks and I just enjoy the process of writing.One important feedback I remember I got from her then was the fact that I never explained what the charecter in the story I was writing were thinking.I was a little taken aback and wondered if it was a psychological thing ,I have never pursued it,so I still don't know the answer.I have considered going for counselling sessions but the questions they ask are things like do you struggle with addiction,do you feel like crying all the time,do you feel sad?,the answer is no to all these things,so I guess I do not qualify for counselling. One of the take

Sometimes just sometimes...