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A fist full of life.

The internet here has been erratic but I am alright with it because it is one of the 'thieves of time'.As a result I am able to do a lot of things I want to do.We have a bumper crop of bananas this season it seems.It rains bananas every other day ,green ones ,ripe ones...We have distributed it widely,yesterday another crop of big bananas went to the church as first fruit and it continues.Between Annie and myself we are becoming quiet adept cake bakers.Plum,banana,cheese,name it and we have done it...and we continue to do it...just waiting for Aie Mimie to come home with her lovely paraphenalia of children she has surrounded herself with. I have managed to make a second batch of plum jam and also tried the second batch of passion fruit and peaches. Yesterday I made dosas for dinner.All family ate supper at four quietly,I think they were impressed by the perfect dosas that was made out of the ready made mix.Ofcourse the secret I think is to not go by the direction but to work o

The last few days.

We have been home barely a month.The first few days were spent appreciating the joy of being home,my room which has a lot of space and overlooks the oppositte hills.I sleep with stars and the lights from the hills for company. Jonathan was with us for a few days over from Oddanchattram. When I was doing my postgraduation,Jonathan was the youngest kid in the campus,I remember him as a chubby little kid running around the campus ,a darling of everyone around.Dr Latha and Dr Paul used to take us for impromptu weekend retreats to the Panchalur hills and we used to love it there. With Jonathan we could make two main trips. We went into the Dzongu hills,boated across the Mantam lake,which is a naturally formed reservoir as a result of a huge chunk of the oppositte hill falling into the river.At it's virgin state when I visited it it looked ferocious,now it looks tame but it continues to wash away the bridges built over it ,making commuting difficult for the faint-hearted. Once we cr

Homeward bound....

It has been a not so easy fortnight to tell you the truth.I have felt homesick to the core as I have moved from place to place ,just rolling along with Annie.She seems so grown up suddenly with a mind of her own and the next she is just a small little neice looka after me more than I her.I have missed the stability of home and parents.Yesterday was another packed day.Church was the Lutherian church St Mary's on the hill side in Lovett lane,traditional Lutherian I found the tradition quite charming.The reading was from psalm 81 which was powerfully sung ,almost like anglican in the way it conducted the service. The preaching was on a mixture of various biblical passages with a lot of referance to Torah and the Talmud,a little confusing for me.Met a young kid from Ranchi who had been attending the church for over a year.As we talked she took my card for whatever reason. Annie had wanted to buy a backpack , which everyone and their brother seem to be carrying,a swedis

Sprinting through places.

Today my neice was in a sprint mode so we made three different trips out.Early morning we went to Nottinghill and enjoyed the festivity of the weekend in the colourful town,I have always loved the colourful painted houses so could not resist a photograph for my wall at home, sold by the photographer, enlarged to slate size.It was all of twelve pounds but he could not shell out a two pound change so waved it off.I felt a little sad so asked him again if he was sure and he said a definate yes. We also had mixed fruit juice in pineapple shell with pineapple slices.By mid-afternoon we had had a lemony day,my neice concluded. We had lunch at an italian place where they were serving home-cooked meal Annie had Gnocci and I had beef lasagne with ice tea and lemon.Annie was not impressed with the food.She thought she had eaten better.We walked up and down the open air market while Annie picked bits amd bob from this stall and that. I needed a suit-case so I bought one for half the price quot


Last two days Annie and I have been soaking London up.The first day we rested the morning and then crossed the road and started walking the northside of Thames,We walked to the London eye,watched the Thames and the ship and ferries ,Annie took a lot of photographs,reached St.Pauls...walked down to a fete in the grounds ,ate original yoghurt with blueberries and strawberries.Watched the waters,took a ferry back to London bridge,walked to tower,bought some fish and chips ,sat on the pavement over-looking the tower for sometime and then walked back to Anu's flat in monument. This morning we took our time with our breakfast and then took the underground to high street Kensington,walked to the Kensington palace,garden,Hyde park,Buckingham palace,Royal Albert Hall.We caught some lovely hot waffles with icecream and nuttella in the garden while we took photographs gallore of various flowers.We took the underground to Covent garden ,enjoyed the street performers with a very cooperative ch