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Billy Joel - The River of Dreams

Sarah McLachlan - ANSWER

Pizza it is 'with pea and cream base,mozarrella,beans,goat cheese ,sun-dried tomatoes ,crowned by a sprinkle of olive oil !'

I travelled all the way to Liverpool street to learn how to bake a pizza with Andrea and Martina in an upmarket,trendy restaurant 'fashion and pizza'. They made pizza-making so easy that I feel I can make them at home.A lovely couple,just getting to know people from different culture makes the world feel so much smaller and interesting. It all happened at the heart of the restaurant and I thought it was a very interesting concept. They also fed us the pizzas we made,along with an organic italian drink and a tiramisu which Andrea told us was his mother-in-law's recipe.Evidently every house in Italy has their own recipe for tiramisu. I opted to make a pizza with green pea and cream base ,topped with beans,mozzarella,goat cheese,sun-dried tomatoes.Once out of the oven it was heavenly to taste. They also presented us with a small bundle of madre and the dough we made today was also packed to be taken home with us.It can be used to make two pizzas.Copies of the recipe with

A week of decisions.

I have made a few major decisions this last week and not necessarily in the order of importance. 1.I have finished my appraissel which the hospital authorities wanted me to get done because it was due.They were kind enough to request GMC to postpone my validation for the next year. 2.I enrolled into a sour dough pizza making session in London for which I travel to London in another hour or so. 3.I enrolled into a chopstick making and designing session,all of seven hours in dovetail design studio in Battersea.I am pretty excited about it.I dream of having a small workshops like that promoting skilled artisans back home ,if the Lord wills it. 4.I have comitted myself to helping out in Samaritan's purse hospital in Molunguri,Bangladesh for a month after I finish here in the UK. 5.I have booked a holiday with my sibling and my niece in Somersett,before I leave for home.I was dilly-dallying deciding where we could go and had requested my family to pray about it.One fine day Somerse

In The Garden (Lyrics Video) By: Brad Paisley

Oh God Forgive Us - For King and Country

Some thoughts after thirteen hours of a busy day at work.

One learns a lot from life ,all the time but there are some precious memories one carries in one's life forever.I have grown up in a family of five siblings.I,being the youngest ,have had my own share of being the precious youngest as well as the 'the not old enough for whatever'experiences while growing up.Some memories of growing up with my sibblings are forever entrenched in my memory. My older siblings were always held in awe and we hero-worshipped them most of our lives but there are some memories that stay with me forever. One day,I was out shopping with one of my siblings to visit an aunt who was not well.She bought the biggest bottle of nutritional supplement.It looked so huge that fascinated by it I knocked it out of the counter and the glass bottle shattered into pieces.There was a pin drop silence in the shop because it was an expensive affair.I went beetroot embarrassed with my guffaw but my sister went on with her shopping gently asking the shopkeeper to pack

He will come like the winter rains,like the spring rains that waters the earth......

Today the church was a rich experience and the presence of the spirit of God talking to us and affirming. There was not much words but a lot of pictures ,pictures of spring in full glory. 'Spring is a time of growth' Hosea 6:3 was quoted- ''Let us acknowledge the Lord;Let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises,He will appear;He will come like the winter rains, like the spring rains that waters the earth.'' As the worship continued and there were paintings from Jesus' time on earth on the screen above fleeting through. There was one of the samaritan woman talking to Jesus by the well.there was another of Mary washing Jesus' feet,there was one of the Lord's supper in the upper room,but there was one particular painting that strangely drew me ,it was a shadow painting of Jesus on the road walking with some other men talking to them,in spirit I interpreted it as the walk through the road to Emmaus. As the service progressed,

A slice of the pie.

It seemed like yesterday I saw the leaves azure, falling,red bushes on fire by the road-side. Fallen leaves, and the sound of the rakes clearing it all.. I watched,I lingered and I fell in love with it. Even as I did a detour to work and back winter glided in, jackets,pullovers, hot chocolates and the heating. They predicted snow in Kent... I peered from my window every morning it never came. Now when we have celebrated the festival of spring in India, Softly but stealthily wisps of white flakes fall from the sky. I would have missed it had I not pushed the window open. I breathe in the sight from my warm kitchen As I strain my pasta One moment ,a green valley, the next a white,fairy land. I would have slept through the snow flakes falling... last bits of the winter creeping,tip-toing I, a Pixie, from winter to spring. When the snow has finished falling and the sunlight streams through tiny little bobs of paint will cover the lawn, and my world,a

Daffodils and cross.

Church today was at ashford baptist is amazing how the church speaks into our lives.I have been struggling with issues about patience the whole of last week and the preaching was a reminder.The last few preachings have been practically very relevent. It was the mother's day celebration at the church and there were two full jars of daffodils in the rampart .The little children were asked to come forward and give away a daffodil to every lady in the room .The little ones bounced around with the daffodils all over the place.They kept coming and giving us daffodils.I was a little embarassed because I had one too many and I kept saying I already have them and they kept saying,' you can have some more'.Last but not the least,a cute little black girl ran across the rampart ,stood in the sidewalk for sometime ,eyed me,walked to me and said,'Here you can have two of mine'and plonked two bits of daffodils on my lap.I could not help smiling.It was so very cute ,the

Looking at life with pastor Gary.

Spent a refreshing day with my friend Anu.I seem to have gone down 2 kgs on the scale with my lent resolutions.Played a game of chess with Ojasvi and walked the south bank of Thames,10 kms before I boarded the train back to Ashford.The church was hillsong in London,reached Dominion in time but was diverted to the theatre royal at covent garden where the church was scheduled.Just followed a whole host of teenagers and reached the church spot on time. Pastor Gary was preaching and he went deeper with issues of life. The preaching was with reference to Numbers 13 and 14. Moses was given a task to lead a group of people out of slavery into promises of God. Moving-ability to construct a better tomorrow than what we see today. We are going to break through a few things and even if we don't we will die trying. Moses had to lead a set of people who were used to being captives to a place of freedom-to the promised land. 12 people go in to the promised land,they get divided into two g


For some weeks now I have been dealing with some sick patients,it can be an experience in itself while we deal with the issues at hand,least of which may be medical.I am learning in the process. As I wake up every morning to the sound of my alarm which bleeps right in time I scour out of my window to see the white snow on the ground ,someone has meticulously cleared the footpath off leaving a clear trial for us to follow.The lent period continues as I juggle between my routines. I watch the familiar and the unfamiliar and I trudge the path to work,anticipating a day like any other which can get unpredictable at times,for the moment I love the snow,I love the scenery but the cold gets to my bones. Two months more and I have to decide what I want to do .I go home first and then move in steps ,one shuffle at a time. Am I looking forward to the new phase,I am .I have already in my mind's eye mapped out a few personal goals set before me.A few mountains I need to climb,Not to prove