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A prayer.

What is it lord? What is this restlessness? I have not felt this forever. There is a deep,deep pain somewhere, I don't remember hurting anywhere. No bruise,no fall,no nothing and yet this constant pain. Something new, in the arena of my life. I am praying more,I am reading more and I am working less intelligently, I feel. What is it Lord ? this abyss of pain, Does it have a root? It's alien to me , It's not physical, I labelled it spiritual a few weeks back but now I wonder? I hurt and I know not why? O great physician , I come to you as always for your healing from I know not what, as you pour your balm on my hurting soul, Could you please show me where the cut is?

Just thoughts on Flying Lotus....

India's demonetisation demon and the general mood in the country with it's after-effect has AR Rahman compose a musical piece on it.Beautifully haunting it is left to people's interpretation. One of the saddest mistake anyone with a clout of some sort can make is to step over people and think that some weak voices can be ignored and their ideas perpetuated at the discomfort of some people who may not matter very much.The utter disregard for the poor and the weak,the marginalised,the goes on,....Besides one can't say too much about people who egg you on ,who mislead you,encourage you towards this end because the very basic fabric of their ethical stand ,if there is any,is missing,there are no absolutes to stand by. There may be people with good intent,however the company you keep will paint the colour of the house you build. India is a country where Antilla can exist next to the slums.I did not buy a jio simcard. The richness of India lies in it'

All these pieces,broken and scattered...

Today I heard that one of my favourite patients passed away.It left me very sad because she was such a nice and a beautiful person.I attended to her on atleast three of her admissions and she was the gentlest patient,most encouraging and always cheerful,grateful inspite of the difficult life she would have had socially and physically. That is the thing with being posted in the colder wards ,the patients grow on you and before you know they make an impression on your mind. This admission I did not meet her because I was posted elsewhere and I was shocked to hear the news. Every time she was in the hospital in her manifold admissions regardless of where she was ,if I passed by ,we would always greet each other like friends.My stone cold doctor's heart actually hurt to know of her passing away.The world will be poorer by a rich soul eaten away too young by alcohol. There was another incident that struck me today.We had to reveal a tough diagnosis to one person and even as a senior


1.The move was prompted by the spirit of God. 2.Real men facing real questions. 3.Compelled to move out of the comfort zone. 4.They were so compelled that like after the ACTs days they were willing to sacrifice everything for it. 5.As Greg Gilbert puts it,they were standing up for the gospel of Jesus Christ because they had that unshaking belief that it was powered by the God of the universe and the gates of hell could not prevail against it. 6.It was not a wishy washy endeavour.It was clear ,thought out ,compelled by the spirit of God and depended mostly on the grace and revelation of God. 7.They were men and women who were fed up of playing clergy? 8.People who possess the law of God should specially be careful of complacency and dilution for comfort,therefore corruption. 9.They were perhaps individuals who had asked the right questions and had reached the end of themselves.

Lori Sealy - God Moves in a Mysterious Way

'HESSED' Lifestyle.

Today as I walked to the church,I did, with a spiritual burden in my heart and I prayed to the Lord fervently to speak to me.He normally does in this particular church.We had a visiting pastor who continued in the meditation from the book of Ruth. The pastor requested a special song. God moves in mysterious ways-by William Cowper. (John 13 vs 7.) The things we discussed today were - God is in control. Providence is mysterious the decision is from the Lord. Chapter 1-Sorrow Chapter 2-Service Chapter 3-Surrender Chapter 4-Satisfaction God guides Ruth- verse 1-Hidden whisper. verse 3-'As it turned out'-The turning point and the hinge that changes Ruth's life forever. It was Ruth's free choice within the sovereignity of God. Boaz shows kindness to Ruth. verse 7-Glean verse 10-foreigners Difficult place to be and yet the best place to be. God has compassion for the foreigners. verse 20-Hessed.(greek for kindness,goodness,loyalty,generosity..) Verse


The last time I was in England in 2012-2013,England was commemorating 200 years of the freedom from slavery and the legislation that was pushed through by Lord William Wilberforce. This time England is celebrating 500 years of reformation which is officially on the 31st of October but celebration has begun with walks,exhibition ,etc in different parts of London and England.The last sunday I was in Central London so the morning I ran down Anu's flat to the church located literally a few doors away.I realised I was more than half an hour early and it incidentally happened to be a lutherian church.There were a few ladies preparing the room for the service with flowers et,al.I was attracted to the series of exhibition on the wall which commemorated the reformation again.The lady,encouraged me to walk around the room looking at the posters,et all.I did one round of the room and all of the sixty seats in the hall,looked like an exclusive group of Lutherians who seemed to know each other

Living the mandate...

I had some leave in hand after working a hot month where I was doing twelve hour stretch duties night and day.I looked at the holiday brochure and nothing appealed.I decided to google christian retreat centre and that is how I came across Stanton House.I kept my options open but wrote to them.The letter I received was so hands on and had an air of familiarity.Ruth had written back saying they would book a room for me for the days I had asked for if I wanted.It was in a village in Oxford. Stanton house is run by two couples who felt a call from God to run this retreat centre,and it apparently runs full all the year round.We were ministered to by one couple.Ruth is practical,matter of fact and is very efficient and John ,the other half has a sensitivity of a deeply caring man of God.Ruth fed us with wonderful home-cooked meals and John with kindly concern and the word of God in devotions every evening after supper.There were seven of us from different walks of life,I was deeply touche

When Peace Like A River (hymn with words and music) - Horatio G. Spafford

My God,My God......

1.Whenever I want some meat I attend the baptist church,they stick to the scripture and also gives us cues to further reading. Today we started a study on the book of Ruth.I was attending church after two weeks of missing it because of night and day weekend duties.I had forgotten how beautiful it is. We concentrated on the 1st chapter. The first chapter outlines the life of an israellite family of Ebimelech and his wife Ruth and their two sons who leave Bethleham their homeplace and migrate to a pagan land of Moab because there is famine in Bethleham. While in Moab Ebimelech dies.Their two sons marry girls from the foreign land but soon even the two sons die.So the three widows are left to fend for themselves.Naomi hears news about Bethleham being blessed by the Lord again so decides to go back home and she finally does with one of the daughter in law who refuses to leave her and comes back to her land. The learnings on it and the reflections were- God was interested in the si