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Eating Khuri and remembering the stalwarts.

I remember eating Khuri when the Namsoong group used to visit our place during the Lepcha festival. Aneu Maili used to lead the team of young boys and girls playing their traditional music and singing beautifully melodius song. Aneu Maili used to be that quintiscential figure in white dress who used to have all the solution to our medical problems during our growing up years. She always treated us kids as special and we equally returned the favour. She has long passed away but I remembered her yesterday when my mother asked me if I would want Khuri for dinner. I said yes and I did not regret it. One mixes 250 gms of flour in water to make a watery mixture with one egg,two spoons of olive oil ,pinch of baking powder and salt to taste. For the filling one can use cottage cheese with celery,onion leaves and garlic leaves chopped with chilli powder,garlic paste and salt to taste.One can also use any other green leafy vegetables. Heat a non stick pan ,super hot and thinly let the f

Who have I on earth beside you!

I love spending time with my father,my mother and my brother. I even watched the premier league with my brother and mother today. I love to just lie down beside my parents and listen to them takes me back into times when I wasn't born ,remembering childhood stories,understanding my siblings and even my cousins better.This place could be my favourite place on earth ,next to the presence of the Lord. I love the church when they sing the old makes me realise how precious the presence of the lord is. Today the preaching in the  church by a young preacher was about 'Loving the Lord your God with all your heart,all your mind and all your soul'. As I sat in the church and participated in the service ,it made me realise how frial we human beings are and How great our God is. This week has been a challenging time of doctoring my own uncle,something I have not really done before.While he slipped in and out of situations which could have turned trick


I have not been blogging for a while because I have been caught up in doctoring an uncle of mine who needed some sorting out.It was a whole week of running around before he settled down. I have also gone headlong into my fiction writing course. I am done with the first week but now I need to gear myself for the second week. In the mean time I continue to marvel at my parents.I thank the lord everyday for them. Yesterday on the long drive back from Siliguri,I bought a kilogram of Avocado,all of rupees fifty but just the right consistancy for the tropical salad recipe I picked up from my mother's cook-book. There is nothing much to it really. Slice the avocado and the papaya into long strips. Take the leafs of watercress and arrange it in a plate with the avocado and the papaya. Take 10mls of fresh lemon juice and sprinkle it over the salad with a dash of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Voila you have a lovely tropical salad. If we want to make a meal of it ,we can

Just a thought.

You need to squeeze people into situation to really understand what they are made of. There are disasters and there are disasters. My folks made a strange observation the other day. The big disaster happened in Uttarakhand. They were shell-shocked to see the reaction and the initiatives of the people. For some reason,the media had some grotesque stories to tell of people who were trying to cash into the situation in every which ways....stories of people earning lakhs of rupees to ferry the victims and leaving them mid-way,stories of people cutting off the hands and ears of people with jewellery and carrying it in a bag,people over-charging the victims for every bit of essentials. My folks who never comment on people's character said,'The people there seem to be bad!' They have been through a disaster recently and they were commenting ,such a thing would never happen in our place. Many months after the episode dead bodies are still being unearthed.In Mangan,the loca

Resilance in the Lord!

The nursery school was an initiative of the community when the concept of nursery school was not there in my home town.My mother used to teach little children in the all of us went through the church school.It is where we learnt our first ABC's. Through the initiative and encouragement of the then CDPO and the district collecter who were both ladies and the general public,the school came into being. The school existed on a no profit basis and catered to the poorer section of the community but in it's hey days,everybody and their children went through it because there were no other nursery schools. With time big money was flushed into the town and many private schools sprouted up. The Ideal nursery went through tough times but I learnt resilence in prayer from the team. Then the earth-quake happened. The roof of the nursery school caved in. I had been a little worried for my mother's health for sometime. I was almost relieved.I remember telling my mothe

Tom Sawyer ?

I have been going into some foreign territories ever since I have come home. My lovely parents and my dear brother indulge me in my idiosyncracies. The other day I declared to my family that I wanted to do some cement plastering work. My parents showed me where the cement and all the paraphernalia connected with it were kept and my brother patiently showed me the proportion of sand  to the cement I should use with all the dynamics required. I made three portions of one and half cups of cement to the proportion of sand  and did a two hour job on what I had put my mind to. Every morning I sprinkle water on my handiwork.My father tells me it has to be done till the cement stops absorbing water ,after which I can go crazy with a brush and the colour of my choice. I might sound a bit like Tom Sawyer,but I enjoyed the process thoroughly. I have just finished the book of Ezra and have shifted to Nehemiah in the last few days,so it all makes sense. I was tired at the end of the day bu