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CO Poisoning

Carbon-monoxide poisoning was a theory I had read about in books.Saw a young fellow wheeled into the outpatient with a GCS of 3/15.ABG showed a CO2 which was all but incompatible with life.Put the patient on a CPAP with a high flow Oxygen ...and by God's grace saw the ABG change albeit gradually.The next morning our chap was sitting up on the bed in a vociferous mood absolutely unaware of what he had been through. We thanked the Lord for a precious life saved.

Nothing missing ,nothng broken!

I was counselling a boisterous 14 year old who had consumed her father's Atenolol one too many and had presented to the casualty.She survived the episode and I survived her the next day because she was not the run  of the mill crowd you come across in mission hospitals.She was in St.Mary's.Her hobby was singing and reading books.She gave me a sterling performance of a 'My name is Khan',title song.I got talking with her and generally asked her what she has been reading lately and what sort of books she liked.She told me without blinking her eye that she had liked a book titled 'I am broke,love me'-by an indian author whose name I did not catch. I wondered what she understood by the word broke so I asked her and she told me that breaking was if the glass on my table fell on the ground and it broke into peices...that was breaking. I was waiting for an important phonecall the other night on the lookout for those elusive vodafone lines in the HCH corridors,when I

"Appreciating the flowers in the garden inspite of the broken gate"

"Courtesy is appreciating the flowers in the garden inspite of the broken gate"-this quote caught my attention while flipping through the critical care text written by Dr George John from Vellore. It strangely touched my heart and set me thinking.....and I wondered whether I could replace the word 'courtesy' with 'christianity'. However when courtesy is replaced by the word christianity the verb goes much beyond appreciation...may be the verb ' loving' would give justice to it,or may be not..... I was actually mentally going through Christ's ministry on earth and it struck me that all the gardens Christ entered during His earthly ministry had broken gates.The ultimate gate,the Christ himself, was broken for you and me.Had He remained whole we would have never made it. The essence of christianity is brokenness-'the bread being broken to feed you and me'. To follow a man who had no place to lay his head,to be a disciple of a wounded hea