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Mary Peckham: "The Hebrides Revival" - Full Message

Mary Peckham: "The Hebrides Revival" - Full Message

Pray and be alone with God - a sermon by Paul Washer

.....My yoke is easy,and my burden is light.’

I hear the sound of the sandles Shuffling on the streets of Nazereth  Dispersing dust like you and l. The feet’s of ‘ the waymaker, walking ... The sweet sound of Yeshus  floating down the cobbled    pathway  as his mother calls him. The whirring of His tools,perhaps a broken finger as the master craftsman ,the wounded healer submits to His earthly father , Is it any wonder that God chose to be born in a carpenters home? Can you imagine a house built so shoddily it cannot shelter? A crooked table,a stand  that does not hold. The hours of intense labour ,love and investment  a master craftsman puts in to finish the craft? Much like our Heavenly Father.Is it any wonder  that Jesus chose those ordinary men over  philosophers and thinkers. Can you visualise a fisherman  sleep through the dawn while the world hauls the boat and set it sail ?Would he catch the fish? Can you imagine him spouting  and contemplating the dangers of the sea  or

Farewell to all the beautiful people who lost their lives to the pandemic.

I look out of my window at the leaves gently bobbing away ,swaying timeless it seems ,yet I know It takes but a gust of wind to blow it away. The branches will still stare back, long after the leaves have fallen to the ground. Winter will come,and then another spring New leaves will come with it the fruits and leaves but the trunk ,the trunk will quietly add rings to its width. It will build a home for someone else perhaps in another generation. You mattered.

Good Friday 2020 Crossroads Church my sister preaching...

These days.....

I baked a double storey cake for my father’s birthday today.  I can see a group of police persons doing the rounds in the road.Strange times this.Yesterday morning there was an earthquake but I slept through it and the evening there was slight hail. I have not spent so much time with half of my siblings or with parents for a long time. I am collecting a lot of firsts this holiday.I cut bamboo and built a compost heap with my brother who times and calculates the energy expended each day..I also dug    a small piece of land and planted vegetables.Needless to say I screamed at the level of pain in my right hand the same night. Today I even killed a rat in the storeroom,a bulky rodent which was getting cheekier by the day.Armed with sticks the four of us ran after Mr pest but rest of their screams were louder than their action so I armed myself with a bulky stick and gave it two deadly rap on the head. My silver berry jam and the wine are bottled.I can see some raspberry ripeni

Orange juice and lemon..

These are strange times.People seem to be crumbling like a pack of cards.Everyday    we open the television to hear the news with some trepidation. We do it just once a day.I have sort of got into the routine    of doing my chores in the kitchen.I am getting a taste of the farm life but can also slowly feel myself getting fitter by Gods grace. I baked a lemon curd cake today for Marty’s birthday.Martin is my nephew in faraway Australia..I am trying to perfect the art of baking a cake and I seem to be getting there after so many hits and misses. We are also hit by onslaught of memes which keep us laughing... The architecture of the trees have always fascinated me and today I was introduced to Chinese teak by my mother.There are beautiful butterflies dancing all over the place. I am so grateful to God for this time at home.I realise that the whole thing has been timed in such a way that it could only be by God’s immense grace in my life. Had I not been home,my paren