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The strange paradox called Christ.

Yesterday I had the privelage to attend the south asian concern's 5.17 prayer day and it was fascinating to see believers getting together to pray for the south asian countries.Nearer home EHA was very much in the card.Mr East was there and so was Katherine Abraham.It was good to see them. The prayer points they raised were fascinating.I was especially encouraged to hear reports about the flooding of churches in England where the assistant vicar of the church was telling us that the congregation had increased tripple fold but it was poorer.He was in steps ,going off full time pay to completely working free of charge so that he could put in his time doing the outreach work amongst the migrants in Southall which was putting a lot of strain on their personal lives. I was deeply touched by the love of the Lord.Five years ago when I came to England as I travelled around I was deeply upset to see the empty pews in the church but this time it has been a different story altogether.If I a

The man -Moses.

The bible is replete with withnesses we are called to emulate.For me, if I were to to take the old testament alone ,Moses stands out as a stellar leader....a bright star in the constellation of God's mighty servants.Chosen by God,meant to die as a child as per the pharoah's ruling,preserved by providence,trained in the royal household,a passionate man,lover of God's people,a stuttering ,hesistant advocate of God's people ,even before God Himself,mouthpiece of God,faithful till the end inspite of the was never about himself ,it was always about God...he stands tall....outperforming from the point of all the men and women who surround him ,but short of God's standard still. There was only one who met the absolute standard of God without concession and that was 'Jesus Christ'. How well Moses knew God.He was a friend of God. At the end of his life ,no boasting of his sacrifices,accomplishments,wars he had won ,or the bad deal

Dawt Hlei Tlem hla thar. Because he lives.-amidst all the uncertainities and confusion of life ,this child reminds us.


Spent a beautifully sunny morning exploring the beach town of Margot.Wanted to catch the art gallery in the beach.There was an ode to TS Eliot's 'wasted land' through and through.I took time to soak the the paintings,read the poetries and just drank in the place as I walked along.Margot has history,it has developed into an art town with beautifully painted ,colourful buildings by the sea beach where everybody and their brother were enjoying the sun on a saturday. The old Margate had art studios and antique shops galore.I pounced on a Victorian and Edwardian cutlery for home. Picked up a newspaper designed especially in memory of the days when TS Eliot wrote his 'wasted land ' in Margot in the 1920s.It had articles and clips from newspapers back then with clips about the town's prized landmarks. Even the walls in the town had small clips of stories to tell..about prisoner's of war sharing their meals as free people with foster families,of youngsters worki

Sunshine in England..

Suddenly overnight everything seems allright. Everyone seems to love it Sitting down on the lawn Just enjoying the sunshine in groups small and big Everyone seems eager to go home,to feed the dog, water the plants, sit in the garden.... Just take time to chat, A dash of sunshine and all the chronically ill frail patients are up and about smiling from ear to ear. A little bit of sunshine.....

New Wine - Hillsong Worship

As It Is (In Heaven) - Hillsong Worship

Behold (Then Sings My Soul) - Hillsong Worship

A weekend of hit and miss.

I did the rounds of the surrey quay after a hit and miss session looking for the woodwork lab.I realised I was supposed to be in Battersea on the other end of London so I spent the day whiling around the quay while waiting for Anu to come back from work.I walked into the movie hall ,seeing a poster of Mary Magdalene ,was excited to see it.I sat through the first 20 minutes of the movie and was so revulsed by the potrayel of the charecters and the words that were put into Jesus' mouth I found myself almost falling sick with disgust and ultimately had to walk out of the hall. Towards the evening I had a good time with Anu ,just chatting and then we made it to O2 to watch Prateik Babbar's all of '120 seconds' in Baghi 2.The movie was allright but Prateik was good. By the time we finished,a Sam Smith concert got over so we were part of the flood of humanity floating towards the metro,London bridge and back to Anu's flat. Church was hillsong in the Dominion today and

Faithful one - Robin Mark

Faithful one - Robin Mark

Be still for the presence of the Lord

Thine be the glory Risen conquering Son-Southwark-easter 2018

Sights and sound of south bank of Thames in easter 2018.(personal referance)

An easter by the southbank.

I spent a thoughtful easter .I needed some time to myself.I love walking the banks of Thames,I have had some reading to catch up on,four days of easter holidays are too much.I thought I could make it to Ireland at the last moment but then realised there is a proper visa process so I had to defer it.I have been meaning to catch some art-work in Tate's gallery.The last time I could just have a glimpse of the ground floor so I took a train to London bridge and walked the southbank.It is amazing how much of education one can get just walking that path.I walked into the Southwark cathedral where the easter service was going on ..the sound of the familiar hymn pulling me like a magnet,I felt at home immediately. As I walked the southbank I gorged on the cold air,the Thames,the amazing colour,culture,buildings,ships,and the tourists just walking ...taking it all in. I walked into the Tate's amazing collection of artwork from around the world,different forms,gentle french