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Ode to the season.

Christmas is fast approaching and so is the winter with it's delicious sun and sickening cold that gets to your bones in Varanasi.We are at it ,practising the Christmas choir,Sharon is taking us through the rigours of vocal exercise-basically, teaching us to sing. .I am also doing some oil-painting with a lot of inspiration from my sister .My first painting is done for now but I am told that the final bit is to wax it which I am yet to do after it dries out.I enjoy it but the finger painting takes the cake. It's been a season of grace all through.I am hoping to travel home for Christmas which at the moment seems a little far-fetched with last minute changes in plan.I have my ticket booked and ready. Was dreaming of cooking the Christmas dinner at home this year but I will leave it at that at the moment. Winters are wonderful at home with clear blue sky,oranges a plenty, sun, Christmas, family,fire and the list goes on... Work is lighter but with the juniors down with v