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' Whenever the day came for Elkannah to sacrifice he would give portions of his meat to Penninah and to all her sons and daughters.But to Hannah he gave double portion because he loved her and the Lord had closed her womb. ' Was Elkannah biased?Why did he love her more? Hannah had a lot of good qualities. 1.She was single-minded in her pursuit of what she wanted. 2.She knew the exact door she needed to knock. 3.She was broken and ready for God to do His work in her life. 4.She was devoted to God. 5.She remembered her vow before God and fulfills it. 6.Her obedience opened the doors of blessing for her life and a way of communication for her people, with God. 7.She deemed herself to be a servant of the Lord. 8.She knew how to pour her soul before the Lord. 9.She was a humble woman who gave respect where it was due. 10.She was quick in recognising Lord's favour and names her son Samuel,'Because I asked the Lord for him.' 11.She did in practise what the

Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Austin Stone Worship Live from TGC-John Piper's version-beautiful.

Jars of clay-2

'But we have this treasures in jars of clay to show that this all surpassing power is from God and not from us.We are hardpressed from every side,but not crushed:perplexed but not in distress,;persecuted but not abandoned;struck down but not destroyed.We always carry around our body the death of Jesus,so that life of Jesus may be revealed in our body.For we are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus'sake,so that His life may also be revealed in our mortal body.'2 Cornithians 4 vs 7--11. Actually!

Jars of clay...

Last but one week has been a rewarding and a humbling experience.Took parents for their annual health check-up ,besides mom had been complaining of tooth-ache and was spiking a slight temperature off and on.Walking through Manipal in Gangtok,it made me realise what a blessing the place is for the people pf Gangtok.I remember my brother-in-law talking about the Manipal group of hospitals as to how the founder actually was a visionary and had made a vow to bring state of art health facilities to the villages and to bring the people of the cities to the villages seeking good health services.They have achieved it upto a certain extent.It was reassuring to note that Mr Narayanmurthy had also been present during laying of the foundation stone.For the people of Sikkim who have all their lives rushed off to Siliguri for minimal health problems ,this is indeed a blessing. The dentist was a kind fellow who effortlessly took out the tooth with 'the caries' which made things so much easie

A walk

A chistian walk is a journey where you 'show up' as Jesus did. A christian walk is a road that leads us to a destination . A christian walk is every step you take along the way..chatting,discussing,disagreeing in Christ but walking along in anticipation that Christ will show up. A christian walk is not an idea,a vague presence that emerges when it is convenient,it is being present. A christian walk is like a spring rain which comes with power and anointing but also the winter rain which is unexpected and tiptoes in gently watering the mundane. A christian walk is a walk where you decide to walk together along the uncertain road....and Jesus shows up...and things become clearer as you walk along. A christian walk is a walk from Egypt to israel. A christian walk is a journey from crucification to resurrection. I could go on but I have a journey to make today.

Apathy or .....

It has been a fairly busy fortnight or so ,in between I felt a little morose and had some trouble trying to get interested in anything much,I enjoyed my bible reading,loved spending time with parents and brother but was a little restless.I had this great desire to start some kind of course perhaps a biblical one but since the internet has been a problem,I am considering doing mountain medicine in Kathmandu sometime at the end of this year,come winter I need to try and squeeze in my mother's knee replacement which she has agreed to atlast. The rains continue to pour.Uncle Saring all of eighty years took to bed yesterday with chest discomfort and fever.I was in and out of his home the whole day yesterday and the first thing in the morning.It was a joy to see him well and usual today.Visiting the local hospital to get an ECG done was a nightmare as usual .Firstly on a sunday there was a single lady doctor seeing patients.When we asked for an ECG to be done we were asked to come the n