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My walk ,this season.

Is there really a closure when a parent dies? My dad passed when he was 90 and I ,his youngest am 49 years old.I had an unusual journey this season.The covid pandemic rages on.The government seems to be see-sawing between closing and opening the lockdown.In the meantime I could spend three whole months with my family.It was a sort of time we have never had the opportunity to spend since our childhood.We have been away in boarding schools ,colleges and our work places  with short spells during vacation at home.Our father taught us a lot of things about the bird and the bees.My sister and I often wondered to ourselves what a blessed time it had been with parents understanding the nature which has been given to us in bountiful by the Lord who cares. Less than a week after I left home,my dad fell ill and passed away.With the strict covid rules I had just finished a week of quarantine in my workplace and it was time for me to pack my bags again homeward bound .My dad was ill.The stric


  .Infinity was a rejected puppy in a bin.She was one of the many puppies born to a stray mongrel in the streets of Delhi. When my sister picked her up to take her home all of us wondered how things would work out.My neice Annie chose to name her Infinity.A lone child in the family ,suddenly overnight   their life changed in infinite ways,hence the name Infinity. Looking from afar we often thought she was a nuisance.Their movement as a family was severely restricted and their social life needed adjustments.Each time I visited her she was ferocious while greeting but gradually we settled down to an uncomfortable equilibrium I was often the stick the family used to discipline her.She had had her shots so feared the vet so at the mention of a doctor she would cow down with her tail between her legs.I was the doctor. 0nce the pandemic started the family has had to spend much time indoors. My father passed this summer.There has been a deep sadness in the family.My sister would call