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Last sunday while the worship was on  the worship leader started praising the Lord on high,Even as I was worshipping suddenly a huge image of Christ loomed up before me and He had His foot on a footstool and he had a warrier's dress on with leather sandals.I was taken aback and the first bible verse that came to me was  ' Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool...,'.The preacher was preaching that day about Eliza and the widow.He made special emphasis on how the Lord looked around all the earth and the Lord's eyes fell on the widow who was down to her last portion of flour and oil. I went back to see how Isaiah 66 read and it goes thus- ' This is what the   Lord   says: “Heaven is my throne,      and the earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me?      Where will my resting place be? 2  Has not my hand made all these things,      and so they came into being?” declares the  Lord . “These are the ones I look on with favor:      those who

Shoolie and other things..

 My sister has had interesting set of helpers staying with her.One such lady was Shoolie.She was of bengali origin ,a widow without an issue ,middle aged and a slow person who was frankly confused about her role in the team.Her daily routine would consist of getting up a little late in the morning ,having a relaxing bath,oiling herself and dresssing up for the day.When my sister left for the college she would follow her and generally hover around the whole day and come back home to the same routine.Ocassionally she would cook the dal which she apparently did well.She also kept my sister amused by giving a peek into their lives  One day in one such social gathering one elderly gentleman, a beaurocrat  ,a man of few words,out of curiosity ,asked Shoolie what her work responsibility was. and she promptly answered, 'I carry madam's laptop.'. He was stunned and mentioned it to one of our aunts. My sister was wildly amused but as was expected she had to be sent back to her folks