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God's children......

She got up in the church and testified matter of factedly. She is the only believer in the village.Her relatives had been actively involved in closing down her house-group. The other day they came up to her and asked her to pray for their son who was supposed to appear for some exams in faraway Lukhnow but could not get up from bed because he was sick.She was still upset with them about their hand in closing the house group so she told them to go and pray to their Gods.They refused and insisted that she pray for them.She did and the son got healed and actually appeared for his exams in faraway Lukhnow. Villagers come to her for prayer but she tells them they need not come to her ,they could pray directly to God themselves through Jesus Christ and the Lord would listen to their prayer. This was a village lady in the heart of the hindu heartland. It is amazing how the Lord encourages us through the quiet determination in the testimony of His children ,sometimes from unexpected sourc

The BOLD LETTERS of the gospel.

Skimming through the book of ACTS with Dr R in the church on sunday morning is an eye-opener. Annanias and Saphira die,the fear of God is instilled in people and the gospel spreads, Paul comes face to face with the silversmiths in Ephesus,there is opposition but the gospel is preached, Stephen is stoned to death,gospel spreads, Peter and John heal the beggar outside the temple,everyone is amazed,gospel is preached and God is glorified, Peter and John are brought before the Sanhedrin,gospel is preached, Paul is converted,the gospel is preached, Peter sees a vision at Cornellius' house,gospel is opened to the gentiles, Whatever the circumstances were,there was a common end that Jesus was preached. Regardless of what happens to us ,the gospel(Jesus)must be preached and glorified.It is to that end we serve. While writing this up my attention went towards this verse in ACTS 20 vs 24 - as Paul puts it to the Ephesians-'However ,I consider my life worth nothing to me,my onl

Weep,my beloved country,in shame.

It is with a sense of concern that I have come face to face with the reality of actual hunger in my country.There are extremely malnutritioned and sick babies in the nooks and corners of India ignored,unaccounted for.With a deep sense of shame I call out all the big time politicians who have benefitted from the votes of the common man in UP,I call out the film-stars who with their head held high say they are from UP ,to all the celebritties and average Indian men and women who donate millions of rupees to the temples could they not be aware of existance of these extremely poor people tied up in the bondages of poverty,ignorance and just plain hunger. Talking to one of the community health personals whilst conducting literacy classes they found that there were certain women group who were very dull and just could not pick up the lessons.On making further enquiry it was found when they had food in the house the first person to eat would be the men and then the children would eat

Fare thee well Hero

I am not obsessed with dogs.We have always had dogs at home and the best I can say about my relationshio with them is that we have a peaceful co-existance.I have never been the one to feed the dog,take it for walks or to bathe it.I tried keeping a small puppy during my Satbarwa stint but I had a tragic incident with it,while I was away from the campus,it died . Hero was a series of dogs that came to stay with the family but it had a special eccentricity ,it used to dig it's teeth into stranger's ankles so it stayed with it's collar on most days.There were boys who needed a lot of nagging to look after the dog and it was my mother's prerogative to do the needful. However the same cannot be said about two of my older siblings.When they are at home the dogs get shiny coats,clips on their hair and all the fancy stuff.The last time I actually enjoyed a dog was Timmy the foxy alsation who was a vision to watch when it ran across the field.Intelligent and a beautifully faith