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This and that...

Life has its twists and turns but God has it right all the time .The secular see but the surface and come to conclusions based on what the biased finite eye sees which is seldom much but the believers ,when they truly come to the feet of God in repentance see with the eyes of christ that looks through right through to the heart and sees things which can move heaven and earth.

It seems like a lifetime is gone.

Everything has changed in the last two months.My personal walk with the lord has a sense of urgency.I cannot compromise on it because it is not just me anymore.Lives of 110 families inside the campus and lakhs outside the campus is entwined with mine. The other day I raised my hands up and told my junior how unfair it was that I was to be accountable for the lives of 110 fully grown adults.He laughed at me and the next moment I realised that I was taking things in my own hand.I had forgotten that I was just standing in the gap it was the holy spirit who would do the perfect work through me. I have realised over the days that the lord wants me to depend on Him alone so there I go in my dramatic way cutting off people's counsel in every which ways. I am expectantly waiting for the lord to do His perfect work. There are people I know who are praying for us but what could be more important than our own relationship with the lord. People have come and gone from the campus.Some have lef