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My redeemer lives!!

Yesterday was the worship sunday at HCH. It was a time of presenting group songs and the floor was wide open for people to pitch in in the way they wanted.We sang two numbers ,one was 'Elshaddai' and the other 'Lily of the Valley'.The evening was heart-warming to say the least.All of us came away with joy in our hearts feeling good about the day. There is something heart-warmingly genuine about the place! I thank God that I am here in this place in a time like this! Couldn't take photographs but I guess I will take some of the pictures of yesterday to my grave. My redeemer lives!!

Arise,shine for your light is come ......!

I have but recently forayed into the world of photography. The play of light and shadows have been fascinating me quite a bit. One of my favourite so far has been that of light filtering through the window into a dark room. Going into the physics of it,there are only two ways in which a ray of light can be seen .One is if it falls directly into the eye and second is if it is reflected through a medium. For the rays of light falling into the dark room the medium is the tiny dust particles suspended in the air,each one oscillating at it's own frequency and dispersing the light waves thus giving us the visual treat. Fascinating,I thought.I wondered what would be the charecteristics in the particles that made such miraculous phenomenon a possibility. I enumerated three,there might be more. The particle by the smallness and the lightness of it's being was suspended mid-air.(What processes it must have been through to reach that form.) It was literally living on the edge,a s

Where can I go from your spirit ?Where can I flee from your presence?

I close my eyes and try to recollect where my life was when I was twenty....I vaguely remember Bengal,endless friends,poetry,aspirations...and a feeling that I could conquer the world....somewhere out there a calling for something more.... It's not so clear but I definately know where Ashwini Kumar was when he turned twenty.He was behind the bars somewhere in Dehradun district accused of raping a minor....released on bail and then tried to end his life by consuming a poison. It was one of those days when the ICU beds were occupied three in a row by patients of deliberate self harm.Two were twenty,each one in their twelfth class and the third was a girl just about thirteen. I was overwhelmed and loss for words when I went for the rounds in the morning.COuld not manage having a chat with all three and so after a close observation I picked out the one who looked the most bound and that was when Ashwini fell into my plate. It was the usual story of hormones gone on an over-drive w

A special week indeed!

Had the Eichers over for a day and a half. It was so very generous of the family to forfeit two whole precious days of their annual break to spend it with us in HCH. I have always enjoyed having them over and this time too it was a treat. Their presence in my life is a very special blessing which reminds me of the love of our savior,constant,caring...and just walking along. Sheba calls me up once a month...and just listens to me..she has listened to me through all the ups and downs of my life...never judgemental,gently correcting me,guiding me at times....and I have talked,really talked away my struggles,my tensions......sometimes I have often wondered mid-conversation how Sheba could possibly take in all that I jabber but she has....and she has never forgotten to pray with me over the phone. These are the monthly calls and apart from it they also manage to visit me at my place of work once a year,earlier it used to be Satbarwa and this time it was Herbertpur. I thank God for th

On Losing weight!!

The scales are going happy on me. We have a british scale in the OPD passed on as an inheritance I suppose ,arguably the most accurate scales in HCH. The staffs pop in every now and then to weigh themselves –everyone descends off it with a thoughtful expression on their face…God only knows what they think about and I try my best not to intrude into that intense moment in their lives. There are occasional extroverts who blurt out their bane loud and clear and it almost always moves along a similar trend. I found the trend I was taking quiet encouraging in the first few weeks because I was grossly overweight…..atleast that’s what the standards in the diet manuels stated.I thought life was pretty cool but for a niggling doubt that I hadn’t become one of the victims of the manifold diseases I work against. I had no other symptoms and it suited me fine as long as I felt good about losing a few extra pounds-I felt a lot lighter!Everyone seemed to notice my weight loss. Over the last

My Baptism story.....

Twelve years ago when I was doing my post-graduation in Odddanchattram….I shared with Dr K.O. John about my not being baptised…..I don’t remember what KO told me that day but the day I was to leave ODC, in the English fellowship in Dr Selwyn’s church a group of saints of God laid their hands on me and prayed ,I got convicted that I had been baptised in the Holy spirit then. That conviction carried me through the next twelve years of my tumultious Christian journey.I knew I had to go through the physical process of baptism as a step of obedience to Christ and prayed about it earnestly for the Lord to lead me….it did not happen. When my time in Satbarwa was getting over,I mentally made a note that my baptism would be high on my list of priorities.I thought I would get it done in HCH because the spiritual clime was so much more feasible…..but the prompting was there for me to go back to my hometown ,a place where I am so much more well as stiff-necked…,I needed to go th