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Psalm 25 vs3

I had but come back from the village and was just about getting a wink ,my junior was at the door.A local lady who had visited us the last week and had decided to deliver in our hospital and the EDD was a week away, had come with a history of fall from a ladder and pain abdomen with fluctuating foetal heart sound in foetal distress. We immediately called the operation theatre team. There was no bleed in the abdomen but anaesthetizing her was a problem-nothing was working and if it was ,it was for a very short while.When we opened her uterus a gush of blood greeted us .She had bled into her placenta.It was a face presentation and the baby was huge.Somehow the baby and the placenta was out but we had a very restless lady on the table with an open abdomen. Wherever we put in sutures it was bleeding. The bystanders were insistant we do a tubectomy although we were not too keen. By the time we had finished suturing her uterus we had a very flabby uterus in our hands which was not respondin

meeting malti

Yesterday was a ripper. Celebrating the spiritual week ,it was my turn to go to the village. I visited one of the villages near Chapara. Eight of us went excluding the driver,we divided into groups of two to do a prayer walk. Scenically beautiful village in the interiors,most of the village apparently has bonded labourers. Both sides of the village are flanked by temples. Myself and Nisha walked into the first house on a hill-top. The family was around for lunch break.The men were mending their wooden yoke whereas the women were lounging around. They were overjoyed to see us and immediately sent the daughter-in-law to make some tea for us.We sat with them ,played with the little child ,took photographs,gave some consultation ,got invited to lunch which we politely refused. Each house we went to the folks wanted us to sit down for tea. We were walking the road which ran down the middle of the village when suddenly a man carrying a load of wood on the head greeted us and enquired if we h

Different strokes.

I was attending the diamond jubillee celebration of one of my alma-maters.As different people went forward and shared their unique experiences one genteel lady got up ,apologised for the absence of her husband who was actually one of the alumnis but was occupied otherwise and thus had asked her to attend instead. She gave a humorous account of incidences from her husband's time in the institution.Suddenly something clicked and my memory took me to a place long ago when as uncertain medical students in a government medical college the couple used to visit us and perhaps for the only time in my life I remember travelling on the rooftop of a bus singing our lungs off with worship song to make a trip between Bankura and Purulia and were received with such warmth into their home.There must have easily been a dozen of us. As I gathered she could not place me.Brought to memory Mathew 25,vs 36-37.....Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you ..... Stalwarts who in obedience to the Lor