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In Christ alone...

Shanti Burman (name changed) had been advised hysterectomy by a gynaeclogist in the city for DUB but wanted it done in our hospital.She was an obese lady ,I was a little reluctant but anyways went ahead with it. Needless to say it was a difficult hysterectomy.It felt like working in a well. Halfway through there was a bladder injury but we repaired it and kept a catheter on . I had to go for my annual leave.My junior for some reason removed the catheter.The senior sister ,when she came for rounds found her leaking urine so she immediately catheterised her.I was away for a fortnight so when I reached back she gave me the ominous news that the patient had developed VVF.I was greatly disturbed to hear this.However when I went for my prayer,a peace that passeth all understanding came over me.I continued to carry that peace with me even as we saw Shanti Burman through the dressing for her abdominal wound which was taking it's time healing each time we used to find her pad partially