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The article on 'cats can sleep anywhere'...

I saw this article on cats can sleep anywhere....and that brought back memories.I have also slept in strangest of places in my life and as I go back the memory lane it sure does make me nostalgic. I have slept on stone benches in Satbarwa awaiting another call on hot summer night enjoying the cool summer breeze.I have slept on the stone parapet on my way home from a call near the badminton court.What do you do when the temperature touches the forties and your fan moves at the speed of the wall clock? I have slept on my head on top of a cemetry at four in the morning,that was Sheba and me in one of our quiet times in Oddanchattram.I have slept on a bench with just the frames and the wiring all given away ,when friends were visiting and I just had a two room accomodation. I have slept on top of newspapers,on cold winter nights....and I am not homeless as yet. One memory I hold dear to my heart and often recollect was travelling from Vellore to Oddanchattram in the general compartment wi