Thursday, March 7, 2013

'Annah with an H.'

Today I met up with Annah in the assesment unit.A young lady from Kenya,reffered by the GP for low haemoglobin.She was grossly underweight,had a hepatospenomegaly..could have been any patient walking into my outpatients in the hospital in India.Even as I chatted with her,I asked her,'How did you get a name like Annah?'She told me she had been named after Hannah ,Samuel's mother.I asked her if she was aware of the other Anna who had prophesied over baby Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem?She was aware.
She was apprehensive about a lot of investigations the doctors had advised so I had to talk her through it.She was the only person in the UK from her family.Rest were back home in Kenya.
I was deeply moved just seeing her.
The sunday last,I had collected some tracts from my church.I keep it in my bag incase I get an oppurtunity to give it to someone.I have been praying about it but I constantly feel like as though I am carrying a bomb in my bag-not weighed down but I realise how it must be to share the Word in a closed country and the potentiality of the Holy spirit working on individuals makes my heart beat faster.
The joy of hearing the name of Jesus even transiently in passing warms my heart.On the retrospect I wonder what the anglican minister who was praying for a sick patient in the ward must have thought ..seeing me so full of joy ..just hearing him say his prayers.
I also noticed something,None of the tracts were 'rice tracts'..they ran straight to the point......introducing the essence of the sinner's prayer.
By and by as I walked back after completing my duty in the AMU at ten PM ,I realised I seem to have changed as a person.

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