Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where do my solutions lie?

It is nine o'clock at night.The temperature is dipped down to sub-zero levels.Anu has turned the heating to 30 degrees and yet I am stretched out before the fireplace with my feet sticking into the gas fire.Anu and Dinesh spread out the dinner on the carpet next to me.Ojasvi is on the sofa stretched out .Suddenly she gets up from her position and prances around restlessly,half moaning,half pleading,just these words-Mommy! mommy! mommy!Anu is on her feet asking frantically ,'Ojasvi,what's wrong beta?
She just pleads Mommy,...mommy...mommy even as she prances around.
Anu discovered her little toe had another small injury.She showed Anu exactly how the hinge on the door had hurt her.She had hurt her finger the other day in the classroom.
She was tired,she hurt ,she was sleepy,she was uncomfortable but that eloquent little child could just put one word to the discomfort,'She wanted her Mommy.'
Lord Jesus had a similar solution to all his struggles,the solution was with 'His Father'.
Where do my solutions lie?

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