Thursday, March 21, 2013

When life gives you a lemon.

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Chering Tenzing

"Because He lives"
The other day I decided to go to the lakeside for an outing.
If you know me that would require quite a bit of discipline from my side.I am the sort of person who will go for a holiday to whatever place but will be the happiest to curl in my bed with a book,albeit whatever location.
The lakeside was a lakeside with a lake ,a cinema multiplex,a restaurant and a host of water sports which did not look like it would take off because of the famous english weather.The ducks added some activity to the placid lake.I walked along the pier,took some photographs and just hung around hoping to see that 'ah' scenery the nature often flings on you unawares.
I went through the movies going on in the cinema-there was Taken2,Halloween.....and some others.It did not inspire me to invest three hours of my precious life in it.
The cold and the scratchy breakfast I had had reminded me that it was time for lunch.
I chose to enter a family type of restaurant .There was a whole host of variety in the menu but I opted for the time tested traditional fish and chips with a hot chocolate.There was the fish and the fries and a helping of fresh salad and a piece of lemon on my plate.I dug into my food with a family of a mother with a three year old to give me company.
The food was delicious and heart warming.
It was that piece of lime on my plate that gave me a food for thought.I love the flavour of lime and more so that of the rind.Somewhere along my meal I found myself cutting my piece of lime and tucking them with the rind because that is how I like them.That was when I realised that my expression was being watched closely by the lady next to me to see if I had a twinge of change in expression at the starkness of the taste.I had none.I enjoyed the flavour.The lemon with the rind ,et al complimented the fish and chips for me.
I continued eating my lunch and popping in pieces of lemon into my mouth as well.
The lady stopped staring after sometime.I enjoyed my meal.
Then it struck me .
Life will give you lemon as it invariably does.When life gives you lemon what do you do with it?You cut it,taste it ,eat it and don't avoid the cover just because that is what everyone else does,it might be the bit which will cure your cancer and complete your meal.

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