Monday, March 4, 2013

When the Father looks at us He sees the Son.

The day I joined the trust,I had to get my id made which gave me an access to the computers and the various doors around the hospital at my place of work.It is an electronic pass.When you don't have that pass with you life can be pretty difficult in the trust.
I have used that pass quite flippantly and have never given it a second thought.
Every weekend I go food shopping.Most days I take a bus back and walk a short distance to my quarters.Some days when I have more than I can handle I take a taxi back.However taxi takes us up the hill but does not have access right up to the quarters because there are bars which need a pass.
I dislodge and struggle the short distance up the stairs ,sometimes making two trips.
The other day I needed to get my air ticket printed out and I was not sure where I could go on a saturday morning .I walked up to the educational centre,and lo what do I find, there is actually a few computers with printers and internet kept in a room for staff use ,24 hours.All you need is the same electronic id.I was overjoyed and used the id.
The other day I was walking past the bars which keep the civil cars out of our staff quarter areas and I realised it was the same electronic card one can use to lift the bars up to let our cars in.Almost all the time I always carry the card with me.Can you imagine ,I always had the pass with me in my bag but unawares I used to lug my extra baggage myself because I did not know what the card could do.
Are we living our christian life in the same way.
Our pass is not a scrap of electronic bit which gives access to an institution,it is the key to the kingdom,God himself,our Lord Jesus who stands before the Father.
When the Father looks at us he sees the Son-Can we even begin to understand that?

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