Saturday, March 2, 2013

What will it cost me?

For sometime now I have had this desire to meditate on the charecter of Jesus.The background and the culture that we come from, paint a picture of Christ which suit us and makes us feel very comfortable...the sort of peaceful God that toed the line to the tee ..the sort of saint we wonder why the people would want to crucify and yet when we look at Jesus we perfectly understand why?
He broke every heresay,breaking the backbone of every thing false that made people wonder what they could hold on to when they did not have the truth.
It was the beaten,the people at the end of the line..who mostly had nothing to lose who grasped His grace and enjoyed it.His strenght and His confidence in doing what He did came from His identity He had in the father.
I was reading the other day....just the act of washing His disciples feet....only the menial slaves and mind you 'women' were allowed to do that during those times.That is what prompts Simon Peter to say,'No,you shall never wash my feet.'
But Jesus did it ,not only breaking the norm and the accepted of the day but as a pointer towards what it meant to follow Him.How it must have sent shudders through the spines of the respectable.
Every miracle He did came with a wellspring of compassion which cost Him dearly.The bible says,'By His stripes we were healed',it does not say by His power.
''Following''  this man Jesus is going to cost us everything that is false in our life ......we will gain one thing for sure ,which is the truth...and that truth will make us free.

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