Saturday, March 2, 2013

The soup of the day.

On my way back from Inverness,I broke my journey at Farringdon to see if I could pick up a notebook for myself.My old one apparently had cracked the screen and had served it's time .Tugging my bag along I scoured the streets for a computer shop and the last one had closed for the day at three PM. Too late for  lunch and too early for  dinner I realised my need for some supplements.I found a cafe open ,catering I suppose to the institutions around.It had the soup for the day in cans and toasties with various fillings.I picked up one and handed it to the counter to be heated.
It was cold in London after the series of sunshine in Inverness.
It is the soup that always catches my fancy.I get the feeling they just put in everything they can get their hand to make it.It was spicy,tasty and hot,much like the Indian rasam and as I tucked in further there were lentils floating around as well.
It took me back to the soup I had had in Inverness.It was another thick gruel which probably had mashed vegetables and some cheese in it,it was delicious.
I had seen a french family drinking soup and soup alone with such elegance in every meal..I wondered how it I understand how,you can throw in every type of food into the soup to make up for all the supplements required.
I for one love the idea-
I think I'll have soup for supper today and a few more days to come...see how it goes.

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