Thursday, March 21, 2013

'One liners that stay with you forever.'

My memory of Satbarwa is a maze of different colours-I am not sure which colours would suit which part in my life because it is forever surprising me with odd memories which  I think forever changed the person I was to become.All of it is precious and when I look back I would not change it for anything in the world.If I had one word to describe my time there, it would be,'intense'.
I remember my ED then,observing me at work and telling me,'Chering ,don't hold yourself back,that is what the juniors observe and that is what they will do.'
Somewhere along the way it stayed at the back of my mind.
In last but one year of my life we were organising a get-to-gether for the villagers in our campus and while we organised it, my SAO who was from another campus observed,'How is it that all the staffs and the people involved are putting all their effort into the process ,they are working to the point of collapsing'.
We in the mission circles are good service providers,but we still have a lot of work to do in equiping and releasing people to their fruitful best.Jesus said ,'Go and make disciples ......'He did not say ,come we will run our institutions and organisations as smoothly as possible.'
May that mind of Jesus be our inheritance where he said 'greater work than this you will do....'
We will be truly free then.
After all christianity is full of paradoxes and I believe, this is one as well.
As another senior told me long ago,'We need to open our fist and keep our palms open to recieve.'

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