Wednesday, March 20, 2013

tete tete.

I wake up to the sound of Anu and Dinesh talking to each other in their bedroom next doors.It is six in the morning and it brings joy to my heart.
Reminds me of parents.I can remember forever choosing to take the bedroom right next door to my parents whenever I went home for the holiday.Their tete tete starts from 3o'clock in the morning in a comfortable companionship before each of them enter their prayer time ,to start the day.Mom gets up a little earlier.Dad follows around an hour later,his tea and his porridge eaten he goes for his walk.
He enjoys having us for company.Now I believe my uncle who lives three kilometers away comes to pick him up every morning(By the way he is my mother's brother,and they get along like house on fire.).He must be in his late seventies and my dad is in his mid-eighties.
Mangan is heaven personified.It's a little paradise where you hear the birds singing,the crickets chirping,the flowers blooming,the sun shining ,people smiling from ear to ear from the heart.
I am just going forty,both my parents are double my age but they seem to be so full of energy.I ask at the end of the day,'Don't you feel tired?Don't you have aches and pain?My dad,the evergreen Paul Newman says smugly ,'No'.My mom says her knee troubles her.
I for one am beat and need a nap badly.
Mangan is a laid back town.There is really no rush for anything there.Everything has a rythemn and moves to it.The unconditional love of the parents and family make it even so.
In Brentwood Anu enters my bedroom to say goodbye for the morning as she rushes early to work so that she can join Ojasvi for the concert later.
I tell Anu,'Don't rush Anu,take time to enjoy your family.
She smiles.
I can already see that she is getting there.
One does not have to be old to get the wisdom of the age.


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