Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the pause before the applause.

i went to ojasvi's annual concert today.they had a line up of musicals with the form one singing raindrop on roses right up to a song on jonah in the fishes belly to end up with a palm sunday number on jesus rode a donkey to town.
it was a very sweet lining of tiny tots doing everything they possibly could.
the part i liked was that poignant pause after the performance when the tiny tots would expectantly wait for the applause to come.the expression was worth watching,and also the way they sang the part,'when i don't feel so sad.'there was a little genious Max who played the piano brilliantly-he could not have been more than five years old.
there were also two very important looking five year olds who were the stage managers and after each performance went around the stage organising the stands ,et al.
just watching the children being allowed to be on stage performing for an audience can be so very revealing.

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