Monday, March 18, 2013

'Learning theology from the Theos.'

I remember vividly my senior texting me to prepare a short talk on 'calling 'to be shared with some medical students.
I had no idea what I was to share and I was praying on my couch in Herbertpur asking the Lord.I asked specifically,' Lord what is your calling in my life'?
Suddenly out of the blue came the response,'You are called to participate in ''the intimacy of Trinity'''.
I felt such a release as one often does when the Holy spirit breaks through to us.
That was the one line message ,as abstract as it sounds I had from the Lord.
The more I dwell on it ,the more I understand what a profound and a crux message it was.
I always cringe in the retrospect whenever the Holy spirit prompts because the more I dwell in it ,the more I realise my inadequacy to carry the revelations He gives us when we wait on Him.
The relationship with the trinity was the heart of Creation, reason for Redemtion....and the initiation and the destination for any ministry,relationship and life as it is meant to be.
It is also our identity and the solid rock (Christ)on which we stand and our ministry flows .
Unless our ministry is an out-flow from the fellowship,how will we understand it's heartbeat and it's agenda?
We hardly hear much preached or talked about this.
The last I heard a ranting on trinity was from a man of another faith trying to justify that christians worship three Gods instead of one.
Now I have my hands on an introduction to theology with the help of church fathers which I picked up from Inverness and the book is all about it.
I remember praying and crying before the Lord-'I have noone to help me understand your Word,you be my teacher and my instructer'.
The Lord heard my prayer and continues to instruct ,revealing first and then explaining as I go along.
I say I am inadequate and He says I am your adequacy,
I say I am poor and he says I am your wealth,
I say I am a woman and He says you are my child,
I say I am retricted,He says I gave my life to set you free,
I say I am no theologian,I have no degree,He says remember it is about 'ME'.
Praise Him whose grace is all there is to it.


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