Thursday, March 21, 2013

Few good men behind the bars!

Today even as I sit on my bed with the day stretched out before me I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the day around me.The faint steady buzz of my computer ,cars moving in a distance ,twitter of a few birds in a distance.Even as I open my yahoo India page the headlines read ,'Sanjay Dutt granted five years term in jail for Mumbai bomb blast case.'There is a twitt fron Pritish Nandy which says ,'It is going to destroy him,-what a prophet of doom!
There used to be a time in my younger years I used to be a fan of the family and used to follow the story closely.In the plastic world of Mumbai film industry being destroyed would I guess be losing out on fame and money but there is ofcourse the dreaded time out amongst the criminals in the prison.And ofcourse he would not be able to have that precious time with himself...the sort I am having now or will he?
Some of the greatest writings and greatest vocations were discovered behind the confines of a jail for whatever reasons they might have been there.
My sincere prayer is even as the ruthless hands of justice continues to create a havoc in his life and the life of his family Sanjay Dutt will find his vocation in life.From what I gather,he is a good man,presumably he can think.
We could do with a few good men unsurpressed by the bondages of social fetter and who can think ,behind the bars.

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