Friday, March 22, 2013

The knock ,that I think was heard in heaven.

When I was doing my post-graduation in a christian institute we had a junior doctor's fellowship.We used to get-to-gether every friday evening for a time of praying ,singing and sharing the word together.We had a senior amongst who used to knock every door along the corridor with a question,' A,are you coming?'
Some of us were prompt in answering and immediately responded whereas there were some who did not.She never stopped .It was the same question in the same tone.It was never judgemental,never impatient.
Every friday she would without fail knock at every door,call out the names and ask,'A,are you coming?
There was one particular friend of ours who was very rigid in her ways and did not respond to the call for a long time.One day she responded and she testified about the persistant knock that got through to her.
She did not live long.She succumbed to a bone malignancy while we were doing our post-graduation still.
I should like to think that the knocks of my faithful senior were heard in heaven.

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