Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hossana-'save now!'

It is saturday morning and all of us are in the kitchen cooking an impromptu meal and eating while it's cooking,catching up on old times.Suddenly from the door Ojasvi enters carrying a leaflet ,waving it and shouting,'Hossanna ,Hossana.....'
Anu asks,'what does it mean?-Dinesh says ,-it's something from the bible-I am trying to decipher the exact meaning when Ojasvi starts explaining to her mother-'Mommy you know when Lord Jesus was entering Jerusalem on a donkey ,his friends and disciples were standing by the road-side carrying palm leaves to welcome Him and that is when they were shouting-Hossana!Hossana!'
That started Anu asking me,'Why did Jesus die on the cross?'
I tried explaining things in simplest terms as possible and then one thing lead to other and I found myself sharing my testimony with her.
I have often asked the Lord-why have you brought me all the way to England?
If it is to share the gospel and see hossana in the lives of my friend and her lovely family ,It will be more than worth it .
Oh Lord Jesus,how immense is your love !

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