Wednesday, March 20, 2013


'You know Chering,I have an unseen friend.' said Ojasvi.
What's your friend's name,I asked out of curiosity.
'Rudy!' she said.
But I know Rudy-I told her.
She said,'I know'.
The last time I was in Anu's place I had dozed off on my bed.I woke up to Ojasvi's-sweet,'Rudy,this is Chering!' I lazily opened one eye and to my utter embarrassment stared at a pair of green eyes of one of the cleaners.
I dived into the covers and remained there for the rest of the time.
'You know Chering',Ojasvi told me further.'I have this lovely diary and a pen covered with jewels and Rudy is jealous of me because of that'.
I was really intrigued to hear the word jealous from a child of her age so I asked her,'Ojasvi ,what is being jealous?'
Her answer was simple enough.
'Wanting something someone has badly.'
She even had an illustartion for it.
She told me that she was jealous of two of her friends in class,H and A because they were first and second in class and she was third.

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